Is It Possible for DUI Charges to Be Dismissed in New Jersey?

DUI charges can result in adverse legal consequences in New Jersey. They can lead to driver’s license suspension, driving restrictions, and ignition interlock device installation. When convicted, you can be imprisoned. These consequences can affect your personal life and professional prospects.

But a dismissal to a DUI charge may be possible if you hire a New Jersey DUI Lawyer to assist you. Your lawyer can explain the effects of DUI charges and represent your interest in court. They will investigate your case thoroughly, so they can build a customized legal defense.

Can Your DUI Charges be Dismissed?

Under specific circumstances, a DUI charge can be possible in New Jersey. This depends on the circumstances of your case and the evidence you present. Here’s how your charges may be dismissed:

  • The arresting officer misused the breathalyzer. Traffic officers in the state have been using breathalyzers to measure a person’s blood alcohol level. But these devices are susceptible to misuse, making it possible for officers to make faulty readings.
  • The officer did not comply with legal procedures. When an officer arrests you for DUI, they must follow strict legal procedures. But some officers conduct a field test without probable cause or do not set up a checkpoint properly. If your case involves these circumstances, it can be dismissed. Also, the arresting officer should read your Miranda rights when they put you under arrest.
  • The officer used a non-standard field sobriety test. Arresting officers must use standardized field tests approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If the office who arrested you deviated from the prescribed measures, your case may be dismissed.

Chances of Dismissal

A lot of factors can increase the chances of getting DUI charges dropped in the state. First, as more rigorous legal protocols have been implemented, the prosecutor must meet a higher standard of evidence to convict a driver. In addition, legal representation plays an important role. A skilled DUI lawyer can navigate the state’s complex DUI laws, identify procedural errors, or negotiate with prosecutors. This can lead to reduced or dismissed charges. Furthermore, court rulings and DUI laws are always evolving, but a reliable attorney can leverage such changes to your benefit.

Keep in mind that while dismissal of DUI charges may be possible, every case is unique. Thus, the outcome in your case will depend on some circumstances. This emphasizes the need to seek dependable legal advice when you are charged with a DUI.

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