iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15: The Biggest Differences

Users who have already experienced all the positive aspects of using the iPhone know that the life of the device is very long. We are not talking about physical breakdowns. We are talking about the system. The manufacturer has been supporting old and new models for many years. The operating system is constantly updated, new applications are accessed, and everything works great.

But now there has been a radical change. The release of the iPhone 15 model makes users think about replacement immediately. The fact is that the new model has received several progressive improvements that were impossible to achieve on the old models without any updates.

Differences in a nutshell

The size of the iPhone 15 is really impressive. The body of the device doesn’t fit in your hand, but it’s comfortable to hold. If you’ve seen bright displays on devices, forget about this one. You have never seen one as bright as the 15 model. Everyone knows that megapixels in a camera do not always guarantee quality. Think back to the quality photos you took with your old iPhone. Now the iPhone 15 camera has 48 megapixels, and in addition to that, the internal image processing has been improved. It will come as a surprise that Apple has changed the charging connector in this series, it is now Type C.


You always have to pay more for a new product, and this comparison is no exception. Market analysis of prices shows that the price of the iPhone 15 is proportionally higher than the iPhone 14 by 30-40%. Each subsequent version has exactly the same ratio. For more power, speed, and brightness, you will have to pay extra money.

Design and display

The screens in the 14 and 15 series are the same size. The difference may be a few hairs. The resolution on the new model is slightly higher. But it wins at the expense of its brightness. The brightness of the iPhone 15 screen is x2 times higher compared to the iPhone 14. A nice element turned out to be the Dynamic Island. Previously, only Pro versions could boast of it. Now it is available on the younger representative of the 15 series.


Let’s forget about numbers and megapixels for a second and just talk about cameras. The iPhone 14 as well as the iPhone 15 take great photos in a variety of conditions. The 15 series didn’t get optical zoom for taking pictures, but the camera resolution for taking pictures is 2X higher. This means that one disadvantage is compensated by the other. Since there’s not much experience with the camera yet, it’s hard to say how much of a difference it makes. But even now, it is already clear that there is no loss in the 15-series.


Looking at the battery specifications does not give anything away. They are almost equal to each other in both size and weight. Capacity is slightly higher. But the difference between the devices is that the 15 series runs on the new generation A16 chips called Bionic. This thing can run stronger, which means everyday tasks will be done easier and power consumption will be lower. Ultimately, the battery will have a longer life.

There is no big difference in the charging process. For the same amount of time, the difference is 1-3%, which is not significant.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the iPhone 15 boasts a new A16 chip. To get the most out of it, the manufacturer installed accelerated DDR5 RAM. There are no changes in the number of graphics cores. Both models have 6 pieces. But due to the increased performance of the chip and the greater bandwidth for memory, all together they will show a greater result. This means that in terms of technical parameters, the iPhone 15 will be able to overtake even the Pro version of the 14 series.


The described points vividly display what the difference is between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15. They are very similar in size, have the same communication modules, and may have the same amount of memory. The difference is not so much in appearance as in internal potential. 15 series turned out to be more productive and fast-acting engine. This allowed it not just to become a novelty, but to break through to several positions ahead.

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