Edan’s Resting ECG Solutions: Empowering Comprehensive Cardiac Assessments

Edan is at the forefront of providing comprehensive resting ECG products that cater to a diverse range of clinical requirements, including leading 18-lead workstations, professional PC-based workstations, and innovative tablet-based ECG solutions. With a commitment to meeting the demands of even the most challenging cardiac units, Edan ensures that healthcare professionals have access to cutting-edge technology for accurate and reliable cardiac assessments.

SE-18: Revolutionizing Resting ECG with Advanced Features and Flexibility

Introducing SE-18, the world’s first all-lead (18/15/12/9-lead) ECG workstation, Edan’s innovative solution offers a flexible lead system that allows users to select applicable leads based on specific clinical requirements. This unprecedented flexibility ensures that healthcare professionals can tailor their diagnostic approach, enabling more preciSE Series and targeted cardiac assessments. SE-18’s advanced features, including Pharma Study, HRV, VCG, TVCG, and SAECG, further enhance the diagnostic capabilities, providing comprehensive insights for accurate and thorough cardiac evaluations.

Unparalleled Sampling and Diagnosis: Real-time Insights with 18-Lead ECG

Edan’s SE-18 workstation facilitates real-time 18-lead ECG sampling, delivering comprehensive information on the right precordial and posterior wall. This advanced functionality enables healthcare professionals to identify the preciSE Series location of myocardial infarction or ischemia, particularly in cases involving the left circumflex artery (LCA) and right ventricular ischemia associated with the proximal right coronary artery (RCA). By providing real-time insights into critical cardiac indicators, Edan’s SE-18 workstation redefines the standard for accurate and timely resting ECG analysis, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and enhanced cardiac health management.


In essence, Edan’s resting ECG solutions, particularly the SE-18 workstation, represent a paradigm shift in cardiac diagnostics, providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to make preciSE Series, informed decisions for their patients’ cardiac health.

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