How To Stay On Top Of Your Calendar

Calendar technology has rapidly advanced over the last decade. Modern calendars let you see your schedule years in advance, which can be a good thing and be overwhelming as well. Staying on top of your schedule isn’t always easy, even with all the tools you have at hand. Kickstart your routine by utilizing features of the calendar you use to help you manage your time more effectively. Customize your calendar with a logo background for your office.

Scheduling Everything

Spend a little time understanding how to read your calendar. Use the features of your calendar to know how to get an overview by year, month or day. Combine all your calendars into one, which can help you from overscheduling or duplicating events. Schedule everything in your calendar to avoid forgetting something. Build in buffers between activities in your calendar so you have time to eat, use the bathroom, take a breath or travel.

Color Code Activities

Use your calendar features to color code activities by type, priority, recurring or place. This can help you manage your time most effectively. Choose one color for work meetings and another for deadlines. Have one color for personal events, another for school activities with the kids and one more for health appointments. Coding your calendar can let you easily find events and prioritize.

Send Reminders

Automate your days by sending reminders to yourself and to others who are involved in your schedule. Let your calendar send a reminder 24 hours before a meeting or event and again 15 minutes before. When you set events in your calendar, it’s easy to set this up. You can even send confirmation requests a day before the meeting to others, so you can avoid no-shows.

Schedule Time Off

Block out times for you to be creative or to simply enjoy life. Your calendar should support your routine, not become a dictator of your time. Don’t host back-to-back meetings, whether virtual or in the office. Give yourself a breather between meetings to reduce eye strain and to have time to make a few notes from your previous meeting. Use a branded Zoom background during virtual meetings to make it easier to focus on the meeting instead of your desk. You may also need to schedule some time to deal with unexpected matters. If nothing comes up, tackle your to-do non-priority list.

Falling Behind

When life gets busy, it’s easy to fall behind. When your day is spiraling out of control, go through your day. Prioritize events that only you can do. Delegate tasks to others if you can. Redirect others who need your help to someone else when possible. Being proactive when you know you’re busy can keep you from getting even more behind.

Review Your Calendar Daily

A calendar is only as good as what’s put in it and how it is used. Check it daily to avoid missing something important. Also, spend a few minutes each day updating your calendar. It may feel counterintuitive, but spending time on your calendar can reduce your stress throughout the day.   Remember to use free Zoom office backgrounds for your meetings.

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