How to Play Dragon and Phoenix Chess Correctly to Bring Big Wins

How to play dragon and phoenix chess It seems that it is still strange to many Vietnamese gamers due to the fact that this subject is not very popular. According to many reviews, this game is said to be even more difficult than chess or Chinese chess. In the following article,Jun88 will guide you how to conquer the dragon and phoenix flag in detail from A to Z.

The most accurate and detailed way to play dragon and phoenix chess

How to play dragon and phoenix chess you should know

Before starting to entertain with this subject, gamers should clearly understand the rules of playing dragon and phoenix chess. Detail:

RuleSimple flag arrangement

In the match, the orange piece will always have the right to go first in the way of playing dragon and phoenix chess. Each bettor will take turns placing the dragon or phoenix piece in one of the two squares standing right in front of the cavalry piece. After the first round of play ends, the next moves must only arrange the pieces in the remaining positions one by one.

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LRules required during play

After discovering how to arrange chess, the next thing players need to pay attention to when learning how to play dragon and phoenix chess is the rules during play:

  • Regarding rotation rules: Each chess piece can rotate 90 degrees perpendicular (left or right) based on the position they are standing in, except for the dragon, king and phoenix pieces.
  • About the rules of moving and rotating: A piece can move to positions around it based on the image printed in front, where the black box in the middle indicates the position it is standing at. Specifically, if the color is dark, it will only be allowed to move 1 cell, while the color that is not dark will be allowed to move many cells until it is stopped by another piece. After finishing moving, that piece can rotate immediately at its position.
  • Rules for playing in teams and rotating teams: Two pieces overlapping each other in the same square means forming a team. A team can move together based on the direction of the army above. Just like the odd piece, the team can rotate after completing its move. A team cannot continue to move on top of their own pieces, but can capture the opponent’s pieces.
  • Law of separation and rotation: A team can separate based on the pre-determined direction. After separating, the team can rotate but cannot continue to overlap their side’s pieces, but they can obviously attack their opponents.
  • Drop rule: After capturing the opponent’s piece, the bettor can arbitrarily drop it into any empty square he likes or even the empty square where his piece is standing.

About the ending regulations

The last thing you need to learn about how to play dragon and phoenix chess is when a game is considered to end. A game of dragon and phoenix chess ends when one player is checkmated (all the way). If you fall into a pat position (the king is not in check but also does not move to escape), the bets will be considered a draw.

How to play dragon, phoenix, and cypress chess to win

How to play dragon and phoenix chess to always win for new players

Experienced players have shared effective ways to play dragon and phoenix chess to help new players learn and improve their win rate in upcoming games as follows:

Master the rules of play

For bettors who are familiar with Shogi chess, switching to Long Phuong chess will not be difficult because there are only a few small changes. Researching and understanding the rules of the game will provide a solid basis for gamers to understand and implement effective strategies, helping to increase their winning rate.

Practice with the dragon and phoenix flag regularly and regularly

Visit the game portal’s website Jun88 Or download the app on how to play dragon and phoenix chess to your phone, which will help you practice diligently. Practicing a lot and continuously helps to quickly improve your chess playing skills and flexibly apply strategies if faced with complex situations when playing. This is essential to becoming a proficient player in the world of chess.

Build your personal strategy carefully

Build a smart personal strategy

Chess is an intellectual game, requiring thinking, calculation and foresight of the player. Gamers need to create their own strategies to deal with difficult moves from the opponent and gain control of the game. Flexibility and lack of pattern in building tactics will be a strategic weapon to help overcome all challenges in playing dragon and phoenix chess.

Keep a stable and steadfast mentality when playing

OnPsychological pressure along with the hope of winning can cause you to make wrong decisions during the game. Therefore, to increase your winning rate in this subject, you need to practice keeping your mentality when participating in betting. If you keep thinking under pressure and let stress dominate your mind, choosing the correct moves will be extremely difficult.

If you want to test your intelligence and learn How to play dragon and phoenix chess always win, you can’t miss the detailed sharing in the above article by Jun88. This is important data to helpPeopleplayDevelop your skills and become a masteronewayalwaysfastest.Jun88 wishpreciousFriendwill achieve great success in the world prize mind and winfRee much prize reward terrible.

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