How to get around Gamestop in 2023


Gamestop is a program that was started to help those with gambling addiction avoid gambling temptations. There is a self-exclusion period of about six months to five years that one must complete before gambling. Although these measures are helpful to some, there are a group of punters who feel intimidated by them. That is the reason why many are now looking for gambling sites not on gamestop uk. If you would like to dodge the self-exclusion program and go back to gambling, this piece is meant for you. Uk gamblers are limited by the gambling commission through the use of GameStop. Top-rated and reputable gambling sites comply with rules and regulations to help gamblers avoid being addicts. Although the law is strict and straightforward, there are ways for punters to avoid GameStop and enjoy their favorite games. This is through gambling sites not on GameStop uk. So, how does one get around GameStop?

Tips to bypass GameStop

There are different ways through which one can get around Gamestop. If you are thinking about bypassing Gamestop, do it smartly, or else, you will suffer further consequences. Some of the tricks include asking your friends for help, using a different type of data, gambling on sites not on GameStop, and using a VPN. All four methods work pretty well as we speak.

Using unique data

The first way to get around Gamestop is by using different pieces of data. Using the same data means you can be traced and sooner or later, you will be blocked from gambling. Therefore, it is vital to avoid using data you used in your previous accounts. Create a new account, choose a different username and a unique password as well. Once you have filled your data differently, you will be able to access interesting gambling games and play for real money. While it’s important to use different pieces of data, you should not think of using fake names. You can choose to spell your name differently for the sake of getting past GameStop.

Ask for help

If you do not know where to start, you can as well ask your friend for help. If you have a friend who has gotten past GameStop before, try to find out how they did it. Any information can be useful to you. You can also use real personal data belonging to your friend to enjoy your favorite games without any kinds of limitations. You can ask a friend, relative, or colleague to register on your behalf.


The use of VPN has also worked for some punters on GameStop. The use of VPN and proxy can break all possible barriers. This simply means that you can enjoy your favorite games on websites outside your country. Some of the VPNs that you can use include Pure VPN, Hola VPN, and Touch VPN among others.

Settle for land-based casinos

If you do not want to go through the struggle of changing your data, using a friend, or using VPNs, the best solution would be to consider a land-based casino. This will always work because GameStop is only an online program. This means that the programs can only work for online gamblers and online betting websites. You can travel to the nearest land-based casino to enjoy the game of your choice.


If self-exclusion is limiting your fun and ability to make money, there are plenty of solutions for you. Some of the ways to get around gamestop include using VPNs, asking a friend to register on your behalf, considering an offshore betting account, and considering land-based casinos. For more on how to get around gamestop, visit

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