How to Fashion a Food Plan from the Acceptable Foods List

How to Fashion a Food Plan from the Acceptable Foods List

Nutritional Supplements

The foods you will be eating are tasty and nutrient-rich. But in starting people on my program, I have found that their vitamin and mineral reserves are often so depleted from the way they were eating before that it frequently takes a week or two of supplementation with vitanutrients to build them up again. This is one of the many reasons that, after a few days on Induction, you’re likely to experience a burst of energy.

Sample Daily Menu of 20 Grams of Carbohydrate


Three-egg omelet with avocado

Mozzarella cheese and tomato

Decaffeinated coffee with cream


Beef round steak (8 oz.)

Spinach and mixed leaf salad with mushrooms, onions, celery and parmesan cheese.


Broiled salmon (9 oz.)

Kale topped with garlic, lemon and sesame seeds

Blast Off! You’ve Begun-Munch Away.

So, here we go. You’re doing Atkins, and naturally you begin by eating-something you’ve previously done with some degree of guilt. Say good-bye to all that. It’s time to plow into those prime ribs and that cheese omelet. You must have faith. As you savor high-calorie food you always thought would make you fat, you can now relax. When carbohydrates are sufficiently reduced, the body has no choice but to burn its own fat. Moreover, at this stage, eating rich, fatty foods can only be advantageous

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What’s the First Thing You’ll Notice?

After a couple of days you will find you are in control of your appetite. That’s because once your body’s two-day supply of glycogen (stored glucose) diminishes and you make the switch to primarily burning fat, lipolysis suppresses your appetite. Suddenly, you find yourself eating moderate portions without constant hunger pangs and no longer obsessing about food. You know you’re in lipolysis when you find yourself saying, “You mean lunchtime was an hour ago?”

When you consume a so-called “balanced” diet high in carbohydrates, the first fuel your body burns for energy comes from those carbohydrates. Now that you’ve lowered your carbohydrate consumption to a level that can’t finance your energy expenditures, you must burn your stored fat. Your body draws upon those stores of fat-easily, if you’re metabolically average; reluctantly, if you’re metabolically resistant.

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Lastly Comment

You did it! After doing Atkins for a mere fourteen days, you’re probably so blown away by the changes you’ve experienced that you have no desire to go back to your old way of eating. That’s why the two-week marker is a logical time for evaluation. You will be past any difficulties you faced during the transition and should be feeling slimmer and more energetic already.

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