Explain About kucoin cryptocurrency hacked updates 2022

Explain About kucoin cryptocurrency hacked updates 2022

Kucoin is the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Since 2020, it has been run by Johnny Lyu, who created it in 2017. Users can buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens on this platform securely. This platform’s primary purpose is to provide users with a safe and reliable trading environment. It boasts advanced security mechanisms, yet no security threads have ever been discovered. Kucoin also has its coin, which, like other exchangers, has a lot of promise in the crypto market.

Individuals can now purchase, sell, store and buy bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges, which have become commonplace. However, hackers have targeted businesses in the past, primarily as the popularity and price of digital assets have grown. This page will provide a list of hacked cryptocurrency exchanges and lessons learned from these occurrences.

Is it possible to hack a cryptocurrency exchange?

Cyber security dangers have existed since the dawn of the internet and are perpetrated daily by sophisticated methods. Criminals and organised hackers are attempting to extort large sums of money in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum price, and other cryptocurrencies from exchanges. At least 46 bitcoin exchanges have been hacked since 2012, according to the FBI. In 2019, hackers fell to 19 cryptocurrency exchanges, a low compared to previous years.

What Have We Learned From Crypto Hacks?

Since 2012, roughly $2.66 billion has been stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges.

At least 46 Bitcoin exchangers have lost money due to a severe cyber security compromise since 2012.

With enterprise distributed storage solutions advancements, successful hacking attempts declined in 2021.

Infiltrating the private keys to the exchange’s hot wallet was the most common hack.

While sending funds for withdrawals, exchanges with hot and offline wallets might still be hacked.

It’s difficult to know whether the cold wallet methods are genuinely 100% offline, as the exchange claims.

Internal security processes aren’t visible, and tight management protocols aren’t followed.

A personal hardware wallet is still the best way to store cryptocurrency holdings.

List of Hacks on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Since its debut on the market, the following cryptocurrency exchanges have been hit by cyber security intrusions that resulted in the loss of customer assets or a data privacy breach. There are centralised, decentralised wallets and leverage trading systems on this list of exchanges.

Exchange Hacks in 2022

Crypto.com, the first crypto exchange to be hacked in 2022, is one of the most famous and well-known exchanges around the globe. According to sources, roughly 483 consumer accounts were compromised on January 17. Although the specific nature of the incident has yet to be determined, Crypto.com CEO Kriz Marszalek confirmed the security compromise, which forced the exchange to suspend certain services for 13-14 hours. The popular cryptocurrency exchange robbed 4,836.26 ETH, 443.93 BTC, and around US$66,200 in other currencies.

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KuCoin is an unregulated cryptocurrency exchange that operates without a licence in the United States. While the platform has cheap fees, the high volume of negative consumer reviews is problematic. Users have experienced missing deposits, difficulties withdrawing funds, and a lack of assistance from customer service.

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