Elevate Comfort in Your Bedroom With a Room Humidifier 

Increasing your comfort with humidifiers has been proven to be a soothing reality with health benefits as well. Instead of jumping to any conclusions as to how to get the most out of your room humidifier, it pays to understand that you need to know not only how to use your humidifier but also where it should be put. Should it be sitting on an adult’s nightstand or far away from a baby’s crib?

One pro tip for maximizing your humidifier’s benefits is to be able to measure the moisture in the room. You can do so by having a hygrometer, which is a device that tells you how much humidity is in the air. By making these measurements, you will be able to see which areas of the room have the most humidity, and you can strategically put your humidifier in the location with the least humidity.

Let’s dig into the ideal positions that your humidifiers should be placed in order to make you feel much more comfortable in your bedroom.

Cool Mist Humidifiers vs. Warm Mist Humidifiers

Warm mist humidifiers are very useful when you are trying to get over a cold, you are feeling congested, or you are suffering from allergies. But there are still proper cautions that you should take when using warm mist humidifiers. Warm mist humidifiers shouldn’t be put near your bed while you’re sleeping because they can cause burns if they get too close to you.

Put a warm mist humidifier safely in a corner, and during the daytime, you can have it resting on your nightstand to moisten up the air prior to the time you are going to be in bed. You should always keep warm mist humidifiers at a safe distance away from not just adults but also from your children and your pets. These devices create mist by boiling water. This makes it extra important that they are positioned on a stable platform before any of you go to sleep.

On the other hand, a cool mist room humidifier is considered safer than a warm mist unit because the cool mist isn’t produced by the boiling of water. This makes it possible for cool mist humidifiers to be easily placed near your bed when you have a cold or an allergy flare-up. On days when you are not feeling sick, it is cool mist humidifiers can be set up at least three feet away from you when you’re sleeping.

You should leave a gap between the wall and the cool mist humidifier because some models need a specific amount of air circulation to function correctly, which is difficult when placed flat against the wall.

Room Size Matters

Consider the size of your bedroom as well as your humidifier itself. It isn’t a good idea to put a large humidifier in a small room isn’t ideal because the device could be kicking out too much mist if it isn’t adjusted properly and will make the environment too moist and could cause mildew and mold to develop. This type of uncomfortable environment can make you sick, particularly if you are already coping with allergies.

If your bedroom happens to be large or medium size, you can pretty much place a large humidifier almost anywhere to evenly distribute the vapors. Knowing where your humidifier should be located also depends on how many people sleep in this room. If more than one person sleeps in your bedroom, then a large humidifier is advised and should be put in the corner of the room at least three or more feet away from the bed.

Avoid Radiators and Vents

Be sure to avoid having the humidifier too close to a vent or a radiator because placing the machine near a heating source can interfere with the humidity readings and cause them to be correct. For example, if the humidity reading is wrong and happens to be way too low, then the machine will start running too high and start overcompensating, creating more mist than is necessary and making the room moist.

Humidifier on the Floor

Different situations determine whether or not you should be placing your humidifier on the table or on the floor. For one, take into consideration how big your humidifier is. Large units should be placed high above children or pets where they can be yanked down and seriously hurt them.

If you are putting your humidifier on the floor, be sure you place a protective layer such as a water-resistant material or a tray between the machine itself and the surface that it is being put on to catch the water droplets and spills.

Along with not wanting your humidifier to fall on top of your child or pet, also make sure that the unit isn’t too low where they can get inquisitive and start pushing the buttons and changing the settings.

Finally, whenever possible, elevate the comfort in your bedroom with a room humidifier elevated to ensure even distribution of the vapor mist because the droplets emerging from the device need time to blend in with the atmosphere.

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