Bookmaker's promotion today is 789bet

Bookmaker’s promotion today is 789bet

789BET is one of them bookmaker promotions The biggest deposit bonus for members on the market. Please join us to learn about 789bet’s promotions through the article below:

I. Learn about the promotional bookmaker 789bet

At 789bet, promotions are divided into 3 categories including: ‘General promotions for all members’, ‘Promotions specific to each game field’ and ‘Promotions for each special occasion’.

General promotions for all members:These are promotions that all members can receive from the moment they create an account until they experience the games here.

Promotions specific to each game field: These are promotions that only apply to certain game areas such as: Sports, Lottery, etc.

Promotions for each special occasion such as: Promotional programs on Tet, Christmas or house birthdays, member birthdays…

The common point of the Promotions at 789bet is the simple way to receive Promotions with huge discounts. If players know how to take advantage of Promotions, they can have a huge amount of capital to use during the entertainment and betting process.

Note: Promotional Bonuses are not counted as valid bonus points and cannot be withdrawn like normal bonus points.

II. Huge promotions at bookmaker 789bet

789bet, the bookmaker offers huge deposit bonuses for members participating in the fun here. Below are the most basic and preferential promotions that 789bet members should know:

Sign up today and receive a bonus immediately

Content: Just successfully register for a 789bet account and click on the gift receiving link, the new member will receive a gift box from the house. Click on the gift box, new members can receive from 38 to 38,000 instant bonus points. Promotion does not apply to the Lottery field and members need at least 1 round of betting to withdraw money.

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First deposit promotion

To participate in the First Deposit Promotion, players need to have a bank account linked to their 789bet account as a payment account. Within 24 hours from the first deposit, the dealer gives players a large amount of bonus points based on the deposit point. There are two First Deposit Promotions for players.

Bookmaker's promotion today is 789bet

First load 1: Applicable to Jackpot games, Fish shooting, 3D card games,…789bet with Promotional bonus points up to 28,888 points. Valid betting rounds to withdraw money from 789bet are from 1 to 3 rounds.

First recharge 2: Applicable to Sports games, Cockfighting, Casino, Esports,… With Promotional bonus points up to 8,888 points. Betting rounds are valid for more than 3 rounds to be able to withdraw money.

Note: Promotion is only valid for 24 hours from the time you successfully deposit money at 789bet. Therefore, after depositing money, immediately contact bookmaker 789bet to receive the promotion.

Second deposit promotion

The method to receive the Second Deposit Promotion is the same as the ‘First Deposit Promotion’. The maximum bonus points for this Promotion is up to 16,888 points and at least 3 betting rounds are required for withdrawal.

To learn more about 789bet’s promotional programs, please visit the bookmaker or contact the 789bet 24/7 Customer Care department directly.

Above are the things you need to know about today’s promotions 789bet. Hopefully this article has helped you better understand the promotions and huge deposit bonuses at 789bet.

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