AEDs by Mindray: Unending Hope in Saving Lives

AED stands for not just first aid equipment but also the first aid principle of cherishing life and rescuing others. Every new AED and every additional volunteer, as a representative of first aid equipment in the public first aid industry, is an additional hope of life for cardiovascular disease patients. Mindray is a competent AED supplier providing high-value AEDs in first aid.

Mindray’s AED Features

Unlike standard defibrillators, Mindray’s AED does not need a specialist. Instead, it automatically assesses the patient’s physical state. Therefore, it chooses whether to undertake electrical defibrillation, and the user does not have to worry about secondary injury to the patient due to AED usage.

The technology is incredibly clever, and an electric shock will only be provided when all defibrillation requirements are satisfied.

Simple To Use

Simplicity and ease of understanding are different qualities that AEDs explicitly specify to achieve. For example, the AED delivers instructions through voice and screen during defibrillation, clearly showing the user how to operate each stage.

It is important to note that first responders and bystanders must maintain a certain distance from the patient to avoid electrocution while the apparatus is performing defibrillation.

Mindray‘s official website has more information on their top AED supplies!

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