Advantages and disadvantages of soccer betting with phone cards

Large and reputable online playgrounds on the market today all allow you to bet on soccer with phone cards. This brings many advantages to players during the participation process. They took place relatively quickly and without too many difficulties. Specifically, the advantages and disadvantages of participating in betting via phone card will be NEW88 ĐĂNG NHẬP Share now.

General information about online soccer betting

Online soccer betting is when players use their accounts to participate at bookmakers. Each member can only use a single username during the login process. The development of information technology makes everything simpler and easier. Logging in to online playgrounds, you can bet on soccer with a phone card very simply.

Not only that, bookmakers have also developed more diverse forms of transactions. Therefore, when participating, you can choose: via bank, internet banking, momo e-wallet, zalo pay,… Each method brings maximum support to members. In particular, you can access and participate quickly no matter where you are, just need an internet connection.

Outstanding advantages when betting on soccer with phone cards

Players who choose soccer betting via phone cards will quickly feel the following outstanding advantages:

Supports players in information security very well

Many people worry about revealing information when participating in betting. However, when recharging via phone card, your data will be encrypted at the highest level. Therefore you will not encounter legal trouble. In particular, transactions are carried out very quickly and simply for players.

Easy to operate and use

Players making transactions via phone cards are very convenient in their own operations. Because you won’t have to do too complicated verification when linking your bank. You just need to enter the serial number, card code and send to complete. Therefore, players can save themselves a lot of time.

No problems from the bank

Instead of recharging your card through the bank and encountering a maintenance situation. When choosing to transact via a recharge card, you will not encounter this problem, so it will not take too much effort. Players are allowed to do this anytime, anywhere. Whenever you have difficulty, please immediately contact the house’s customer service.

Manage money more effectively than the amount of money you spend betting

When depositing betting money with scratch cards with many different levels, players will choose and manage money more effectively. Therefore, you can also balance your financial situation. Thereby, making soccer bets with phone cards brings certain efficiency.
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Besides the outstanding advantages when depositing money via scratch card, there are still some disadvantages as follows:

  • Players have to pay quite high commission fees to network operators.
  • The deposit level is low, so you have to waste time making many transactions.
  • Players can only use 3 fixed networks: Mobifone, Viettel or Vinaphone.

Instructions for betting on soccer by phone card at 123B

Players who want to participate in soccer betting via phone card at 123B need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the official homepage of 123B and log in.
  • Step 2: Then you select the deposit section and choose the form via phone scratch card. Next, fill out completely according to the dealer’s requirements such as: Face value, serial number…
  • Step 3: Finally, after completing, select the deposit section to complete the transaction. At this time, the house system will process the process within a few minutes to complete and send a notification to the player.

Thus, it can be seen that participating in football betting via phone cards is relatively easy. Players will not encounter too many difficulties during their transactions. However, you should check the information through the transaction history section to ensure they have been completed.


So through the article above,  NEW88 has shared with you the advantages and disadvantages of betting on soccer with phone cards. Not only that, the way to participate in betting has also been revealed in detail. You can easily see that through this method everything has happened faster. Each member will not take too much time to get used to and adapt to their own account.

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