10 Tips to Avoid Kratom Sample Scams

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is one of the most exciting topics worldwide. This plant mainly originates from Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Borneo, Singapore, and others. Nowadays, it has grown widely in other parts of the world to meet the high demands. Over the years, several studies have been done to see if Kratom does have potential benefits for humans or not. Fortunately, the studies were fruitful in terms of proving the healthy effects of consuming the extracts derived from Mitrogyna speciosa. 

There are mainly three strains of Kratom that you can find in the market- white, green, and red, each having distinctive properties and impacts on our health. Regardless of that, many people have already included this herbal product in their day-to-day lifestyles. Since it’s still in the native stage and almost 60% of the global population is yet to try it out, several manufacturers offer samples to ensure that their customers can know more about the excellence and advantages of Kratom.

However, several kratom sample scams are going on in the market due to the lack of knowledge, prior warnings, and lack of cautiousness. If you somehow get trapped in such mayhem, you might end up using a contaminated product or one with more toxic concentrations. Therefore, to make you more aware of these scams and keep your interest, we have discussed some tips to avoid these unfortunate situations. 

Do not fall for “free sample” scams of Kratom 

One of the major scams that you can face while looking for the Kratom samples is the word “FREE”. Offering free kratom samples is a promotional scheme of a most physical retail chain of businesses, and it works pretty amazingly without a doubt. But when the same theory is applied to products like Kratom, the entire scenario becomes quite unbelievable. Firstly, Kratom is a highly-demanded product, and its production cost is skyrocketing with each day. Therefore, no vendor will cut their profit and provide free samples to everyone. You should know properly about the best kratom sample packs to try from the best vendors and don’t fall under the fake trap by unknown kratom vendors.

It’s better to trust a local vendor

Kratom was available online only on various websites, social media profiles, and more in earlier days. Even though you might find these sources quite feasible, buying this product from here isn’t a good idea. Most online sellers who are not country-based provide Kratom samples directly from the processing units. These aren’t subjected to intensive tests, which is why you wouldn’t get any knowledge. But if you choose a local vendor, all the details will be present on the label about the test results, thereby proving the authenticity of Kratom. 

Checking the powder’s texture 

Often vendors will try to sell you green and red strains of the Kratom. This is mainly because these strains are darker, hiding any sign of mold growth. If you see the green Kratom, you won’t distinguish between the fungal growth and the powder. So, before you purchase/buy Kratom, check the powder’s texture and make sure it feels smooth and fine. Consuming it unknowingly might prove to be detrimental to your health. 

Do not rely entirely on the lab tests 

Even though the lab test results are offered as guarantees on the genuineness and effectiveness of Kratom, sometimes, these reports are manipulated. Therefore, if you get the samples based on these documents or claims, you may end up making a big mistake. So, it’s better to compare the vendors and check whose lab tests sound more genuine and trustworthy. 

Make sure to choose the right strain

There are three strains mainly, and they may differ based on the origin; you learn about them first. For example, white Borneo and white Malay Kratoms are both white strains. Still, they have different origins, which is why there will be a sliver of differences between their functions and characteristics. So, if you do not want to get stuck in the sample scam, do ensure to gain enough knowledge about them and then buy it. 

Check the origin and processed method

You must also check the origin of the sample Kratom you want to get and its processing method. For example, white Kratom is usually processed straight away from the leaves. No oxidation step is involved in its production, unlike the red Kratom. This will help you get the best sample of the pure variety and not the adulterated one. 

Do not take subscription plans for Kratom 

Another significant way to get rid of the Kratom sample scams is to stay away from the subscriptions. Many online websites selling this product will offer you different subscriptions, like becoming their member by paying a few bucks and getting free samples of Borneo Kratom for three months. Kratom is very costly, and therefore, the subscription plans won’t come low-priced. 

Ensure to check the composition of the sample

Also, you must check the composition of the sample you have received from the vendor. This will help you understand whether it’s a pure variety or not. If you do not keep an eye on the sample’s composition, you might end up using an adulterated or hybrid product.

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Understand features of different strains

Make sure to learn about the features of different Kratom strains so that you don’t end up buying the wrong sample. Every strain has its characteristics even though their area work is the same. Therefore, learning details about them will help you distinguish between the correct strain sample you want for yourself.

Do not rely entirely on reviews

Lastly, reviews are good to have an idea about a product or a Kratom vendor offering samples. However, sometimes, these online reviews are generated, which is why it’s better not to dwell much on them. Everyone has their own opinion, which is why you have to consider all the above factors first and then study what others have said. 


Since Kratom is a relatively new product in the health and lifestyle sector, much information won’t be available for you. But you have to be cautious and more practical so that you can avoid getting scammed just because you happened to try a Kratom sample that is not genuine and pure.

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