Every day of our life we are expected to make a choice or choose between different alternatives and options given to us. Which most times makes us face the dilemma of making the right choice, and often times is not always easy. This can be attributed to the fact that it is not always easy to make the right choice. We tend to shift or navigate towards the most popular opinion. These opinions mould and condition our power of choice, even though most times popular opinion does not always seem to be right.

This choice dilemma is evident in every sphere of life and the tech world is not exempted from it. Everyday people are faced with the difficulty of making the right choice when it comes to the best electronic gadgets to use, the best computer and smartphones to use, and also the best operating system (OS) to use.

There are different types operating system and some of them includes Windows, Apple MacOS, Linux, Android and Apples iOS. We will be narrowing down our discussion to just only Windows and Linux.

OS which means operating system, is the computer software that enables and makes it possible for the computer to interface and communicate with other soft wares. In a layman’s term, it can be said to be that part of the computer that is responsible for controlling the other parts of the computer.  Now going back to our earlier conversation, it is noticeable that between Windows and Linux, Windows seems to be the most popular between the two OS and people tend to gravitate toward this choice and opinion.

Windows which was initially released on November 20, 1985 which is 36 years ago has become a major stronghold and player in the OS market. Computer brands and manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, Surface pro HP, all have devices that are running on Windows such as the HP Spectre x360, Razer Book 13, Dell XPS, 13 (9310), Surface Laptop 4, Surface Pro, Razor 15.

On the other hand, Linux which is relatively new when compared to Windows, was first released on 17 September, 1991 which is 30 years ago has not actually been able to stamp a major foothold on big computer brands unlike its counterparts, Windows. But it has made commendable strides in the smartphone and tablets market. This can be linked to its association with Android which uses its Linux Kernel.

Linux is used by more complex and sophisticated machines, just recently the Russian military stated that it has begun building its Linux distribution which is called “Ghost Project”. Also brands like Samsung and LG use the Linux for their smart TV. Car manufacturers like Mercedes Benz also use the Linux operating system. So from all these we can deduce that both Linux and Windows are both relevant and are also used by different brands for different and similar purposes. So the question now becomes which one is better and that’s where the choice dilemma comes in again.  So Instead of out rightly pointing out the better one, I would rather help us make a choice by comparing the both of them using different criteria, so that we will be able to choose based on these criteria:

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  • SPEED: When it comes to speed, both Windows and Linux operate on a good speed, but most people especially software engineers and tech enthusiasts feel or think that that Linux run at a more appreciable speed than Windows. It is also interesting to note that 90% all super computers operate with Linux, while the remaining 10% uses Windows. To most people the issue with Windows seems to be an institutional problem and cultural bureaucracy. That is to say that they are not always open to innovation, and unfortunately today’s tech market is purely driven by innovation.
  • PRIVACY: When it comes to privacy both Windows and Linux have actually done a lot in granting and ensuring that it’s users enjoy a certain level of privacy. The Linux usually operates an “open source”, which means that it’s source code is readily available to any user. This gives its users the opportunity to modify the software to exactly how the want it. So if you are good in coding, you can also modify the Linux to exactly how you want it and this in a way grants you a great level of user experience when it comes to privacy. This is not actually the case of Windows, even though its developers also try to ensure protection of its users’ privacy, they need to really step up their efforts. There has been complains of Windows being a privacy nightmare for its users and such complains really needs to be looked into and addressed.
  • SECURITY: When it Comes to security both Windows and Linux developers ensures adequate security for its numerous users, though their ways of doing so are different. The Linux is making use of root access which makes it possible for only the root user to have full access to all functions, commands, and other soft wares. This makes the people to assume that the Linux is more secure than Windows. But for an extra security a best VPN Linux can be installed. Another reason why people usually think that Linux is a more secure operating system than Windows is simply because it has few users. Windows on the other hand is more popular amongst desktop and laptop user. So it is more prone to hackers and virus writers when compared to Linux which has a very handful of desktop and laptop users. So because of its popularity Windows developers are striving to always come up with more advanced security measures to beat this hackers and virus writers.  Windows now have inbuilt antivirus program called Microsoft defender antivirus.
  • RELIABILITY: Both Windows and Linux are very reliable, they are good brands that have been making giant strides in the tech world since their inception and I believe will continue to do and will also improve where they are lacking.


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