Will Physical Therapy Costs After a Florida Car Crash Be Covered by My Insurance?

Will Physical Therapy Costs After a Florida Car Crash Be Covered by My Insurance?

Serious injuries might result from several car accidents. Healing from these incidents can take months, and the medical expenditures can mount rapidly, from shattered bones to concussions and contusions. If you have any concerns, click here for help

But who is liable for footing medical fees following a Miami vehicle accident? Florida law may provide you with a few options for financial assistance if a careless driver hurts you. 

Insurance Coverage Without Fault

No-fault insurance is a requirement for all drivers in Florida. According to current Florida law, drivers must acquire Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage of at least $10,000. PIP pays out damages following an automobile collision regardless of who was at fault. 

You often use your PIP plan to subsidize medical costs, including physical treatment. In Florida, PIP insurance policies pay up to 80% of accident-related medical expenses. Although every plan is different, coverage may change based on the situation.

Medical Insurance

Some drivers might try to get their health insurance to pay for their physical rehabilitation directly. However, not every plan will offer the same level of benefits coverage in the event of a car accident.

Health insurance frequently only pays for remaining expenses under a PIP plan. In other cases, policyholders might just need to cover a deductible in order to get the post-accident counseling they require.

Responsible Driver Liability 

The negligent motorist in a vehicle accident may occasionally cover your physical treatment and medical costs. 

You will need to submit a claim or lawsuit against the motorist in these circumstances and present evidence of their legal liability in accordance with Florida law. The following might be a part of the procedure:

  • Demonstrating the other motorist was to blame for the collision
  • Presenting proof that demonstrates your injuries were sustained as a direct result of the collision
  • Presenting tangible proof and eyewitness accounts to substantiate your claim

Insurance for Uninsured Drivers

Victims of auto accidents caused by uninsured drivers are compensated through uninsured motorist insurance (UIM). A UIM policy could, in some cases, pay for your physical treatment costs.

Miami Physical Therapy Insurance

It is no secret that one of the most costly post-crash treatments is physical therapy. The length of physical therapy sessions might vary depending on the injuries’ severity. 

Fortunately, Miami drivers have several tools to defend themselves from careless driving. You can take the required measures to cover your medical costs in the event of a severe accident or collision, whether you want to get PIP insurance or choose a health plan with a wide range of coverage.

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