Why Global EOR Is Right For Your Business?

As the global economy becomes increasingly more competitive, companies are looking for cost-saving or revenue-generating opportunities wherever they can find them. In this article, you’ll learn why going with a global EOR is right for your company!

What global EOR can do for your business?

Through the EOR service, employees can be hired without an overseas entity. The service provider will provide local existing entities to complete employee employment, management, background checks, local taxation, compulsory benefits (similar to social security funds), legal compliance, Local currency salary payment, local culture and policy consultation, etc.

Why would a company choose global EOR?

Global EOR has several benefits for businesses, including:

-Reduced costs: With global EOR, your business can reduce its administrative costs and improve compliance by appointing a single global agent who is responsible for all your business’s EOR needs.

-Improved productivity: By automating your EOR processes, global EOR can improve employee productivity and efficiency by properly managing workforces.

-Enhanced security: By having one global security policy, you can reduce the risk of data breaches and ensure that your business is protected from cyberattacks.

-Easier cooperation with other businesses: By using global EOR, you can improve your cooperation with other businesses across the globe and develop overseas markets.


Global EOR can help you better hire and manage talent everywhere. This can help your business grow by allowing you to enter new markets. By working with certified global EOR partners such as BIPO, you can benefit from their professional services.

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