Where are the Best Places to Buy Property in Malta in 2024?

Malta is an appealing choice for first-time property buyers and seasoned financial backers. Purchasing property in Malta is never easy because it’s loaded with dynamic towns and beautiful islands. Traditional and contemporary ways of life coexist in the country.

The lifestyle in the north is sophisticated and made up of incredible party spots and shopping regions, while the south is more traditional. Read and learn where to buy and invest in the property industry in Malta.

Places in Malta to Purchase Properties 

Investment in real estate in Malta is yielding profits because the country allows remote work, and the igaming industry is moving there. Below are incredible places to buy properties in Malta:


Situated in the southeastern region of Malta, Marsaxlokk is a beautiful fishing town known for its energetic markets and vivid conventional boats. It is also home to the island’s most staggering properties, including luxury lofts and manors with amazing ocean views.

One of the most remarkable parts of Marsaxlokk’s housing market is its customary Maltese houses, called “houses of character.” The houses, a few hundred years old, have been reestablished to their previous glory, keeping up with their customary appeal while offering modern conveniences.

St Julian’s

St. Julian’s is a famous town situated on Malta’s upper east coast. It’s known for its lively nightlife, pleasant bays, and sandy seashore. The town offers an assortment of real estate choices, including lofts, condos, and penthouses, for purchase or lease.

Costs of properties in St. Julian’s can fluctuate according to the area, size, and condition. St. Julian’s is an exceptionally great area for young professionals because of its proximity to conveniences, like eateries, bars, and malls. Realtors in St. Julian’s are educated about the local property market and can assist you in finding properties that meet your prerequisites.


Valletta is the capital of Malta and one of the tiniest capitals in Europe. It’s also a social UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated on the opposite side of the bay of Sliema, it’s very accessible by ferry, which takes a 5-minute ride, and by vehicle, which takes around 20 minutes. Housing structures with extraordinary architecture, Valletta is blessed with culture and heritage. It is an ideal city with old, well-guarded walls.

City of Mdina

Mdina is an elective city yet of an entirely different character. Most structures here are significantly more seasoned than those in Valletta. Furthermore, while you keep up with the silence, you can filter back through history and conclude what bohemian style you want yourself living in.

House fronts are not often an immediate sign of what you will see inside, and a large number of the truly old buildings have intriguing stories connected to them. Properties for sale here are very rare, so you’ll require the help of excellent realtors in Malta to find what’s suitable.


If you’re considering purchasing a house in Malta, congrats! You are going to make an incredible investment with high yeilds. With its Mediterranean environment, noteworthy architecture, and striking natural landscape, Malta is one of Europe’s best places to reside. Contact Shortzzz to help out with the right property to buy, rent, or lease in Malta.


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