What You Should Know About EVE 3V CR2450 Batteries

The battery market has also undergone many changes in the recent past with more efficient, effective, and innovative models redefining our understanding of batteries. In this article, you’ll find out all you need to know about EVE 3V CR2450 batteries.

What are the features of EVE 3V CR2450 batteries?

  1. Suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures, including column type (-40°C+85°C), coin type (-20°C+85°C), and TPMS battery (-40°C+125°C)
  2. High capacity, long-lasting
  3. Lengthy life, satisfies the requirement of the market for products with a long service life
  4. High level of protection, characterized by a distinctive structural design and exceptional dependability
  5. A low rate of self-discharge, with an annual self-discharge rate of less than one percent
  6. Able to supply complete solutions, including button type, column type, and coin type batteries; covering standard type; capacity type; long life type; and broad temperature TPMS type

Benefits of EVE 3V CR2450 batteries

EVE 3V CR2450 batteries are the perfect choice for powering your devices and keeping you connected. These batteries come with a long life and high capacity, making them a great option for devices that require constant power. Additionally, they are lightweight and easy to carry around, so you can use them anywhere.

The applications of EVE 3V CR2450 batteries

Batteries of the type EVE 3V CR2450 are utilized in a broad variety of electronic devices, including smart keys for automobiles, electronic toys for children, electronic watches, batteries utilized by motherboards, pedometers, calculators, scales, and remote controls.


EVE 3V CR2450 batteries are some of the most popular types of batteries on the market and for good reason. They offer a high level of performance and have a long lifespan. If any dealer is looking for a battery that is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of applications, look no further than EVE 3V CR2450 batteries.

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