What to Expect When Working With a Custom Book Printing Service

What to Expect When Working With a Custom Book Printing Service

As an author, you want your book to represent your brand. A high-quality custom-printed book is a powerful branding statement that can boost your sales.

The best printing services offer the same quality and options as publishing houses. They can emboss your cover, give you more choices for paper stock for the inside and binding pages, and customize trim sizes.


Many factors determine the cost of printing a book. These factors include the number of pages, paper thickness, and cover design. For example, a paperback novel with 300 pages costs more per copy, and a hardcover book with the same number of pages costs more. The number of copies you need will also affect the print cost. If you plan to sell your book in bookstores or on the Internet, you may want a more extensive print run to save on shipping and storage fees.

When working with a professional printing company, you will get an entire team of experts to help you. This includes designers, file prep pros, and printing artisans specializing in making beautiful books. They will be available to answer any questions you have, and they will make sure your files are free of errors that can lead to costly mistakes.

Good custom book printing services will produce quality paperback and hardcover books. They can also print various sizes, including standard black-and-white and full-color formats. They will offer you a choice of paper types, too. For instance, you can choose between glossy and matte covers for a luxurious look or thicker paper for children’s or coffee table books.

Turnaround time

Professional book printing services offer various customization options to create the perfect book for your audience. In addition to bindery choices and paper selection, these companies can offer custom ink choices and variable volume runs. They also provide fast turnaround times. Whether you’re publishing a nonfiction or fiction book, these companies can help you create a great book quickly.

Choosing the exemplary printing service for your project is vital, especially regarding books with many pages and pictures. The quality of your print job will impact readers’ perceptions of your book and how much they want to read it. Choosing a printer with experience in book production and an excellent track record is essential. You should also consider their printing process and turnaround time.

A professional book printing company will use high-quality digital press to print your manuscript, cover, and any internal and end pages. They will then fold and collate the flats into 32 or 64-page sections. The printer will then take a photo of each section of the blueprints, and the negatives will be melded to plates. The plates are then brought to the press and printed with ink.

The final product will be a beautiful book ready to be sold and enjoyed by readers. The quality of your book is a reflection of the work you put into writing it, so it’s worth ensuring that it looks its best. Investing in professional printing will make your book stand out from the competition and ensure that readers will be eager to purchase it.


In a world where so many people read digitally, it can be easy to think that book printing isn’t as important. However, statistics show that eight of ten books are still read in hard copy form. This is why authors and self-publishers of all kinds need to take their book printing decisions seriously.

A high-quality print job can give your work a professional look that can make it stand out from the competition. The best printers will provide various options, including embossing, unique trim dimensions, and binding styles. They will also offer different paper stocks and finishes for the cover and interior pages. These features can make your book feel more special and help you attract the attention of potential readers.

The quality of your book’s cover is paramount. It will be the first thing potential readers see, and it will set their expectations for the book. You can hire a professional graphic designer to create an eye-catching cover that will convey your book’s message and tone.

Another aspect of quality is ensuring that your book has been proofread and edited before it goes to print. A good printer will use a digital system to check that all the pages are in order and that there are no spelling errors or typos. They will also scan each flat and use ultraviolet light to expose the text and images onto light-sensitive paper, which is then used as a blueprint for the printed book.

Customer service

Whether you’re a newbie self-publisher with an established readership, a represented novelist with a multi-book publishing deal, or a publisher who has just completed your latest book, working with the right custom book printing company can make all the difference. They can help you create a high-quality print book worth your time, money, and energy. They will also give you the best chance of success by offering various options and services that can help boost sales, market your book, and increase profits.

When selecting a printing company, choose one that offers a full range of services. These include embossing your book cover, choosing paper stock for the inside and body pages, unique trim dimensions, and exceptional binding styles. A good printing service should also offer design support and provide you with samples, templates, and technical advice.

Businesses also use custom book printing to produce employee handbooks, resource guides, training manuals, and more. They can be used to share company culture and values and serve as a way for employees to connect. In addition, they can be used to promote business conferences or trade shows. Often, these books are heavily branded and require custom printing services unavailable through digital-only printers. Fill in your job details on our order form to get an instant price quote for your book printing project.

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