What should you look for in nail salon booking software

What should you look for in nail salon booking software?

 What should you look for in nail salon booking software?

You almost certainly rely on walk-ins rather than appointments if you own a nail salon. And when you do make appointments, you usually do so over the phone, noting the name and time (on paper!) in your calendar.

However, as more services move online or rely on the booking plugins, it’s time to reconsider how people book their nail appointments. What is the benefit? Using an online booking app for your nail salon will save you time and allow you to manage your customer traffic better.

If you’re considering using online appointment scheduling for your nail salon for the first time, here are some platform characteristics.

Then, let’s look together at the checklist for nail salon booking software:

  1. Scheduling Flexibility

You should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Set the length of time for your various services (a gel mani takes much longer than people think!)
  • Adjust how far in advance a person can book a nail appointment (or how last-minute)
  • Make time for personal days.
  • Establish no-show policies.
  • Require first-time customers to call and book before they can book online.

You get the idea. Look for scheduling software that can be easily customized.

  1. A Way to Connect All of Your Nail Artists

You probably share nail appointments with at least three or four other manicurists or nail artists per shift. Perhaps you work as a manicurist in a spa or salon that provides hair appointments or facials. Thanks to your online booking platform, you should be able to coordinate everyone’s schedules in one place easily.

Look for scheduling software that can simultaneously display multiple people’s schedules to clients. Then, your customers will easily see which nail artist is available as a result of this.

  1. Service Policies That Can Be Customized

Manicures are hands-on, so make sure that everyone visits your nail salon follows the rules. Look for an online booking software that lets you add your policies and share them with new customers before scheduling an appointment. You can also require them to agree to your terms before booking.

  1. Various Payment Processing Alternatives

You should be able to accept payment in whatever way works best for you, including processing tips. If you don’t want to get cash right now, you’ll need online booking software that allows customers to pay with a credit card. 

  1. Text Message Reminders

You’ll never want to look back once you’ve discovered online booking software with automated reminders. Sending appointment reminders to clients, whether via text or e-mail, reduces no-shows and increases the number of appointments you have in a day. And the best part is-You are not required to do anything. Au-to-mat-ic.

  1. There are no contracts or hidden fees to worry about.

Look for an online booking software that is entirely transparent about its pricing. You should be able to cancel your appointment if the software isn’t working for you, your coworkers, or your nail salon in general.

  1. Human Technical Support

It should not take you hours to figure out how to use technology. If something goes wrong with your online booking, make sure you can reach a live person.

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