What is Logistic Park and What is its Importance?

A logistics park is typically an industrial area built for the sole purpose of performing all the logistics operations. It is a one-stop destination for all the logistics requirements of an organization. This includes management, storage, handling, stuffing, destuffing and more to enhance organizations productivity by smoothly handling all the required processes.

What is Logistics Park?

Logistics Park company’s state-of-art facilities offer a holistic logistics solution that aid you assemble, package, process and manage your entire supply chain efficiently. Since several global industries are growing at an extensive rate, efficient logistics operations by reliable and trustworthy operators like Virgo Parks have become crucial. Hence, let’s get deeper understanding about logistics park and its importance for increasing productivity in today’s dynamic world.

Functions of a Logistics Park

A logistics park company offer a number of functions to streamline the entire logistics process for an organization. By understanding the functions of a logistics park, you will be able to understand what products does a logistics park company offer and how do they work on each of the processes.

1. Organization

A logistics park aids businesses to increase productivity using their ample storage space, sorting products, fulfilling orders, material handling, outbound shipping and more. All the shipments are passed through quality checks and organized for minimal wastage and maximum productivity.

2. Management

The logistics park not organizes the logistics activities for your business but also does it manage the entire process. It is not just the storage and distribution place but also is managing orders, deliveries, and shipment. When a business takes up logistics park services, it opts for smooth logistics process with lower shipping cost and maximum efficiency which is delivered by reliable service providers like Virgo Parks.

How Logistics Parks are Transforming Supply Chains?

While the traditional logistics operations were majorly drawn to storage and transportation, the modern-day logistics park is drawn to efficiently manage and optimize all the logistical processes under one roof. They are transforming the supply chain processes by the following:

1. One-Stop Solution

A logistics park facility is a huge one that not only accommodates the warehouse but also the office working space, fuel pumps, transport depot, labor accommodation, ports, retail facility and many more things. Also, such places are strategically located in the areas where all the logistics activities can happen at minimal cost and maximum efficiency.

2. Trending Digital Solutions

With growing technological advancement, logistical operations too have seen a lot of advancements in technology like RFID, package tracking, connecting the buyer and seller though an app and many more. A full-service logistics park offers a complete solution where your entire process is automated and is visible to both, buyer and seller to streamline the process optimally.

3. Serve the Community

A logistics park encompasses a large area, huge facility, operations and hence a lot of employment for the locals around the area. Along with that, it aids businesses with material handling, supply, transportation and many more activities. These activities serve the community in 2 ways; first they economically send packages of different businesses to multiple location through one transport method, hence saving these businesses supply costs and secondly saving the carbon footprint if it were done through different transport methods.

4. Protected Facilities

The core operation of a logistics park is its facility and the storage of inventory in that facility. To keep their core operations in place, it is a necessity for them to have a completely secured and protected facility. For this they are equipped with round-the-clock security, CCTV cameras, trained security forces, cyber security software, alarm systems and more.

Importance of the Location of a Logistics Park

As said earlier, choosing the location of a logistics park is critical. This is because, all its operational costs, transportation costs, labor costs, customer acquisition costs and others depend highly on the location where the facility is created.

One of the best sites to create such facility should be near the industrial belt in the city which is close by to the airport and / or sea port. It is even better if the facility can have an access where the railways and freeways are near by too. Atleast two of the above types of transportation facility near the logistics park for smooth operations.

From such locations, distribution becomes easy and quick which otherwise would become slow, interrupted, and delayed.

Why Logistics Parks are the Future of the Industry?

The kind of facility and services that a logistics park offers are customized and efficiently manages businesses operations thereby minimizing the costs, are changing the dynamics of the industry. It has become more feasible for businesses to perform their operations smoothly and integrate it with other functions. With multiple options of tailor-made logistics processes, minimizing costs, reducing carbon footprint, it is evident that the logistics park is the future of the industry.

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