What is an undisputed champion in boxing?

What is an undisputed champion in boxing?

If you follow boxing, you may have heard the concept “undisputed champion” from time to time. At this moment you can place online sports bet on 1xBet, where boxers that have achieved this incredible status are featured too.

This is quite a big deal in this sport. It’s like being the king of the hill, the top dog in their weight class. Let’s explain what it looks like.

In the boxing world, there are 4 major organizations, they are:

  • the WBC;
  • the WBA;
  • the IBF;
  • and the WBO.

An online sports bet can be placed on 1xBet on matches that are sanctioned by those 4 entities too. Each of them has their own champion. But when a fighter grabs all 4 of those belts at the same time, he is not just a champion, he is the undisputed champion. It’s rare and super prestigious.

A difficult thing to achieve

Imagine how tough that is. It’s not just about being good at throwing punches. The best punch-throwers are always featured at 1xbet.co.ke/live, where live wagers can be made on them too.

To become the undisputed champion, you have to navigate through all the politics of boxing, which can be like a soap opera with gloves. And then, there’s the challenge of actually winning those belts, 1 by 1, often against the best fighters out there. It’s a mountain to climb. However, reaching the top is just incredible. At the 1xBet website you can also place your wagers on the best champions from the boxing world too.

A few examples

The legendary Mike Tyson held undisputed champion status. He did so in the heavyweight category back in the 1980s. Fast forward a bit, and you have someone like Terence Crawford in 2017, who did the same but in the light welterweight division. These guys are part of an exclusive club. A great option is to make virtual sport betting with 1xBet, which can be a great companion to the boxing wagers available here too.

Becoming undisputed is like winning the ultimate prize in boxing. It’s a mix of 3 elements that can include skill, smart planning, and sometimes, a bit of luck. You have to beat the best to be the best, and with all those belts on the line, it’s a thrilling journey.

And here’s the kicker: even if you’re the best, making those big fights happen can be a headache. This is because you’re dealing with different organizations, promoters looking out for their own interests, and the challenge of lining up those fights. It’s a puzzle, and part of solving that puzzle is what makes someone an undisputed champion. You can also become a champion by making virtual sports betting with the 1xBet platform, which provides great winning opportunities as well.


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