What is a sweepstake and how to play it

What is a sweepstake and how to play it

Sweepstakes is a special kind of sports bet in which the player needs to guess several outcomes at the same time. In the classic version of the bet, there can be 14 or 15 of them. A victory is counted only if a certain number of correct predictions are made – usually 8 or 9.

Traditional tote is horse racing. Today, however, bookmakers have moved away from this principle and offer selections from other popular disciplines. For example, at 1xBet betting on sweepstakes includes football, hockey, basketball and e-sports.

A distinctive feature of the tote game is that before making a bet, the participant does not know how much they can win in the end. Payments are made from the prize fund, which is formed from the bets of all gamblers. All of them are divided into several categories, each of which is assigned a certain percentage of the collected amount. For example, in accordance with the drawing rules, those who guessed 9 outcomes can get 30% of the prize fund – they are distributed in equal shares among all bettors who made the corresponding number of predictions.

This method of calculating the payout leads to the fact that you can get a very large win in the sweepstake. However, the stakes are very low. For example, in 1xBet the minimum bet on tote is only €0.6.

Varieties of sweepstakes in 1xBet

Toto betting at 1xBet is not limited to one type of draw. Users are offered several types of draws. Here are the most requested:

  • Toto-15. It was with this tote that the bookmaker entered the market with. It is a selection of 15 events in football, hockey, and sometimes basketball. To win, you need to guess from 9 to 15 outcomes. You need to choose from 3 options: win 1st, draw, and win 2nd.
  • Only football events fall into this draw. In addition, there are only 14 of them instead of 15. To get a win, you need to guess from 9 to 14 outcomes. You also need to choose from 3 options: win 1st, draw, and win 2nd.
  • Ice hockey. This is a simplified hockey sweepstakes. It offers a total of 5 outcomes with three choices within regular time. To receive a payout, you must correctly guess the results of at least 2 events.

Also the bookmaker offers a tote for e-football and e-sports. However, draws in them do not take place as often as draws in other disciplines.

For those who do not want to risk real money in the sweepstakes and want to practice, there is a Toto Free promotion. Users are invited to guess the outcome of 12 football matches. There is no need to make a “real money” bet – participation is absolutely free. If a player correctly predicts 8 or more outcomes, he receives points, which he can later exchange for bookmaker bonuses.

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