What is a Penalty Bet? Detailed Information and How to Play Effectively

What is a Penalty bet? This is the question that most new bettors are trying to find out. This is a form that rarely appears because not every match is determined on the 11m mark. So, the following article by New88 There will be answers for you to bet correctly.

What is a Penalty bet?

Penalty bet or 11m bet is known as a form of bet set based on the parameters in the series of kicks on the penalty spot. This type of bet is only available in knockout matches such as play off, rounds from 1/8 to the final.

However, not every confrontation results in a penalty. The reason is because this series of kicks only takes place after the official match time as well as 2 extra periods where no team can defeat the opponent. Both sides are required to settle on the 11m mark to determine victory or defeat.

The Pen kick series in the rules is stipulated for each side to have a minimum of 5 kicks and will continue to kick if the winner or loser has not been decided. However, the 11m bet only counts the first 10 shots from both sides and does not count direct free kicks in the match.

Popular forms of Penalty betting today

What is a Penalty bet has been partly answered in the section above. To understand better, you need to understand the popular forms of play dealer New88 Share now:

European Penalty handicap

What is Penalty betting in the form of European betting is also of great interest to bettors. This is a type of bet where players will predict the team with the most successful shots.

You will know whether you win or lose based on the result of the shot. Accordingly, the bets of this form are similar to the 1X2 goals bet with three bets:

  • 1: Predict that the home team will have more accurate shots on the penalty spot.
  • x: The two teams are tied after each team plays the first 5 rounds.
  • 2: Bet on if you think the away team will have more successful shots.

Each door will have corresponding odds and are recorded equally with each team on the odds table. If the defensive bet wins, you will receive an amount equal to your capital multiplied by the winning odds.

What is a Penalty bet when there is a handicap?

Penalty handicap also has the same way of playing as goal handicap. The bookmaker also believes that the upper door accepts the lower door at a certain rate after analyzing the strength of both sides. In particular, the upper team is determined to be the team capable of bringing in more accurate 11m kicks.

When there is a result after the first 10 shots, the handicap will be added to the lower side before determining the win or loss of the bet. This is a form that requires players to clearly understand the circumstances of each odds. Besides, monitoring the match and analyzing information also helps you bet accurately.

Penalty Over/Under Betting

What is Penalty betting in the form of playing Over/Under? Players will predict this type of bet based on the total number of penalties successfully completed by both teams in the first 10 shots. The house will give a specific number on the odds table and the bettor will give 1 of 2 options:

  • Over: Bet on this bet if you think the total number of successful shots of the two teams is higher than the bookie’s number.
  • Under: The player will bet money if they predict that the two teams will have a lower number of accurate shots than the bookie’s number.

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Experience in winning Penalty bets for every bettor

What is a Penalty bet has been explained in detail above and surely everyone can understand. However, if you want to win, you need to immediately update the experiences shared by the following experts:

Team selection is based on playing style and formation

Understanding what Penalty betting is, you will realize that choosing the team to win is not simple. The reason is because this is a series of shots with a high degree of chance and the player’s psychology makes a big decision.

However, you can still predict somewhat accurately if based on the playing style of the whole match as well as the lineup of the two teams. Players can base on the following signs to easily choose the winning bet:

  • The team with better defense should be chosen as the winner.
  • The teams possess many high-class strikers and have experience competing in major arenas. These are the factors with a strong mentality that will bring victory to their team.
  • Any team that has an excellent goalkeeper will also have an advantage.

What are tips for winning Penalty bets? Follow the changes on the odds table

When learning what Penalty betting is, many players also notice the continuous fluctuation of numbers like other types. Therefore, even though this type of bet happens very quickly, you still have to closely follow all changes on the odds table. This will help bettors somewhat update the good times to make reasonable bets.


What is a Penalty bet? It certainly won’t bother you anymore if you have read all the information above New88. Get the opportunity to discover good bets by learning a lot and practicing regularly.

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