What are the little secrets for the business to scale and get big? Let’s get straight to the interesting tips.

Systems, Not Smiles 

A systems approach to do all this is much more important than just being polite and helpful. In the end, our clients do not care how polite we were to them if we did the work for them incorrectly.

Fire the controllers 

No matter how hard we try, problems will arise. It’s unavoidable. We are all human and make mistakes. And despite all the quality assurance programs, manufacturers will occasionally produce defective products. But controllers make people careless. If you know that someone after you will check your work, you will not check it yourself.

Get it right the first time. 

Too often, when talking about customer service, people spend time explaining what to do when they make a mistake. Of course, it is very important to correct or compensate for poorly done work, but if you did everything right right away, then you simply have nothing to apologize for. At its most basic, good customer service requires you to get the job done right the first time.

Learn video marketing

Yes, video platforms are the future. Have you seen the big success of YouTube, Twitch and TikTok? Well, people want to consume more video content. YouTube is the biggest video platform, so invest more money in it. If you don’t have money to invest, then learn how to make it organically better. What’s our simple plan? Create a plan for the video content. Upload on time and buy instant YouTube views for organic boost.

Give What They Ask 

If you want to keep your business going, give customers exactly what they ask for without hesitation. If you do even a little less, you can just do nothing, as you will still lose their favor.

What does the client want? It’s hard to organize the right repair or provide a good service if you don’t know what needs to be repaired or what the client wants. Find a way to get the client to spend ten minutes detailing their concerns and wishes.

Implement Loyalty Programs 

Loyalty programs prove to customers how important they are to you. By using this approach, you go much further than when you say (sometimes mechanically) “thank you.” You really reward the people who do business with you.

Select the right staff 

If they have done well in the past, they are likely to do well in the future. So, when conducting interviews, look for those who have been successful and have shown leadership qualities.

Set the Right Goals 

Humans are naturally competitive; they will try to achieve any goal, regardless of whether they pay more for it. So the secret is to set goals in the best interests of the business.

Pay your employees more 

We constantly ask our employees the question: “How can we help you earn more?”. Our services cost no more than the services of other auto centers. At the same time, our employees can (and do) earn a third more than in other places – due to higher productivity.

Affiliate pay system 

Affiliate pay systems encourage employees to serve customers at the highest level: their salary depends on customer satisfaction. If they want to earn more, they can come early or stay late. Vendors may work evenings or weekends. People can find many ways to increase productivity in a way that is acceptable to the company as well.

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