What Are Some Features of Smart Light Bulbs Over Regular LED Bulbs?

Today technology is improving, and new devices are being produced daily. This is valid in the light bulbs also. New variants have regular LED bulbs made; one of the most popular is smart light bulb. They have many great features which help you to have the best experience. It will also be helpful to homeowners. It is one of the must-have things which should be in your house in this modern world.

What is a smart bulb?

It is a device used through the internet that can be controlled with the help of your mobile device wirelessly. It has many different applications connected like Google assistance, Alexa or other gadgets. This will make your life more comfortable and accessible, and people will admire your house.


These bulbs like-offer many features:

Accessed with the help of remote

After setting up your smart light bulb, you can enjoy flexible features like controlling it with a remote. For example, you can lie in bed and sit at your desk, controlling your bulb and its brightness. You can switch it on or off while relaxing, and there is no need to get up and make an effort. Instead, just take control of the remote. This feature is essential for people who want to stay on their couches.

Group control

Regular light bulbs make you check if every light is off before leaving your house. You have to get into every room to do it. But intelligent bulbs make it easy. They give you the option of group controlling in the mobile app. you can group different intelligent bulbs in the same app and make them off all at once with a single tap. You may also change their brightness altogether.

Change temperature, color, and intensity

People always love when they have a modern look in their rooms. It will also give aesthetic looks and provide you with the opportunity to have the best experience. It also reduces the extra cost of purchasing dimmable LED bulbs and other switches. You can easily change the brightness and intensity according to your work.

For example, studies require higher light brightness. It also gives you the option to change its color. You can buy multiple lights in different colors according to your mood. Just tap on the button which color you need, and it will follow that command. Likewise, you can change the temperature and set the mood according to it. Every activity requires different colors and temperatures- it may be a nap, reading a book or watching a movie.

You can also customize it according to your routine, and it will automatically change its colors when you fix it. It will help decrease any strain on your eyes and improve your sleep quality.

Voice commands

This bulb s is not only controlled by mobile devices. You can also change its colors and brightness with the help of your voice commands, and you may also turn it on or off depending on your demands. It would help if you said, turn off Alexa or, depending on your smart gadget.

Saves energy

It is a very convenient way and saves energy. They use less electricity than other ordinary LED bulbs. These features don’t take much electricity and save money. This will help save the environment as fewer fossil fuels will be burnt.

Create schedules

Ordinary people have a daily schedule and fixed working hours. They also take sleep at the same time every day. This whole routine needs different light brightness of colors. You can save this schedule and set lights according to it through the mobile app. This will help you to have the best life experience and sound sleep at night.

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