Unveiling Affordable Excellence: Benewake’s TF-Luna 8m LiDAR Distance Sensor

As an outstanding step forward in low-cost range technology, Benewake is pleased to introduce the TF-Luna 8m LiDAR distance sensor. By combining an affordable price with exceptional performance, this sensor makes it possible for anybody to obtain accurate distance measurements.

High Cost-effectiveness: Elevating Value without Compromising Quality

The TF-Luna 8m LiDAR distance sensor from Benewake provides great value without compromising on quality, and it offers cost-effectiveness that is unmatched across the industry. This sensor guarantees stability, precision, and sensitivity, and it delivers trustworthy findings for a fraction of the cost associated with other sensors. It was designed to satisfy the needs of users who are concerned about their budgets.

Optimized Performance for Short Distances: Precision in Every Measurement

When you use Benewake’s TF-Luna 8m LiDAR distance sensor, you will experience precision like you have never experienced it before. This sensor is optimized for short-distance measurements spanning from 0.2m to 8m. Not only does this sensor promise unrivaled stability, accuracy, and sensitivity, but it also ensures perfect measurements in every scenario, whether it be for interior navigation or obstacle avoidance.


It is not only possible to achieve perfection using Benewake’s TF-Luna 8m LiDAR distance sensor, but it is also within one’s economical means to do so. You will be able to open up new doors of opportunity for your projects and applications if you learn how to leverage the power of precise measurement without breaking the bank.

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