Top Strategies for Improving Truck Driver Retention

Top Strategies for Improving Truck Driver Retention

Truck drivers have few opportunities to interact with their leadership team, so those interactions must be meaningful. Having an open line of communication that makes drivers feel heard and valued is one of the best ways to improve driver retention.

This can be done in various ways, including weekly team meetings, company surveys, etc.

Make Sure They’re Getting Paid

If you want effective truck driver retention, you must pay them well. It’s essential to ensure your money is competitive, especially in a market where drivers can easily find other employment.

Another way to improve driver retention is to offer a sign-on bonus. This can be an incentive to attract qualified candidates and may help you avoid a costly turnover process.

Regarding improving fleet driver retention, getting feedback from drivers and acting on their concerns is crucial. This can be time-consuming, but ensuring your drivers are happy with their jobs is worth the effort. Make sure you have a transparent process for reviewing and considering driver feedback, and communicate how changes are being implemented. This will show your drivers that their voices are heard and valued.

Make Sure They’re Getting Feedback

It’s no secret that truck driver turnover is expensive. That’s why it’s essential to make sure your drivers feel heard.

One way to do this is by making sure they have an open channel to give feedback. This can be as simple as setting up a weekly Zoom meeting or calling to check in with each of your drivers. It can also be more structured, such as formal “stay interviews” conducted at critical milestones three, six, and twelve months after a driver’s hire date.

Once you have a way for drivers to voice their concerns, you must listen and act on what they’re saying. After all, you last want a driver to leave because they felt their concerns were ignored. By working on their feedback, you’ll show them that you care.

Make Sure They’re Having Fun

With a turnover rate at an all-time high and the driver shortage worsening, it’s more important than ever to keep your drivers happy.

Keeping your drivers engaged starts with ensuring they’re having fun on the road. This could mean providing regular perks like free coffee or snacks, weekly cookouts, cards for birthdays and anniversaries, or other small initiatives that show drivers you care about them.

Another way to ensure your drivers have fun is by providing growth opportunities. Every driver wants to feel free in a dead-end job, so offering training and development opportunities is a great way to keep them interested in your company.

Lastly, check in with your drivers regularly and ask for feedback. Being open to criticism is a sign of strength, and it can help you identify issues quickly before they escalate.

Make Sure They’re Getting the Right Training

Truck drivers are a unique demographic that must balance the demands of their jobs with various other personal responsibilities. That’s why it’s essential to recognize their sacrifice and work to accommodate them. For example, offering scheduling flexibility or allowing them to sleep in their trucks could make the difference between someone who stays for a long haul or goes on the search for a new opportunity.

Another way to show drivers you care is by ensuring they have the proper training. This includes everything from safety meetings to technology like ELDs and forward-facing dashcams. This indicates that you’re invested in their well-being and are committed to keeping them safe on the road, which helps your company stay compliant while reducing costs by decreasing the number of workplace incidents and injuries.

Make Sure They’re Getting the Right Benefits

While it may seem obvious, ensuring drivers receive the necessary benefits can be tricky. The primary spheres of influence – corporate, field managers, and drivers themselves — must be on the same page regarding driver retention. This means having open communication channels, including discussion during coaching sessions and using apps for regular pulse surveys. Larger fleets can consider establishing committees to process peer input and create internal cohesion.

It’s also crucial to be honest with potential and existing drivers about the realities of life on the road, such as an uncomfortable truck seat or a lack of space in the cab. A company that doesn’t take these issues seriously risks losing drivers to competitors and losing capacity due to a higher turnover rate. This could cost your company thousands of dollars. From the beginning, investing in driver retention strategies is a surefire way to reduce this risk.

Make Sure They’re Getting the Right Support

The bottom line is that every driver who enters your door and joins a competitor means your company loses the capacity those drivers could have brought. That’s why you need to take driver feedback seriously.

Truck drivers want their voices heard, and if you provide a means for them to tell you what’s working (and not), they’ll be far more likely to stay with your fleet. Establish communication channels – there are a variety of sophisticated solutions out there, but even a Google Form will suffice – and encourage dialogue when your fleet managers conduct coaching sessions.

And don’t forget to share how you’re applying the suggestions your fleet members make and the impact those changes have had on your business. This will help your entire fleet feel like they’re valued partners and will make them more likely to stay on board.

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