Top 6 Technology Trends Reshaping the Fashion Industry

Top 6 Technology Trends Reshaping the Fashion Industry

It’s known that the fashion industry is a multi-dimensional field that accompanies many other industries. Therefore, it would be impossible to have the fashion industry and its rapid development without technology and digital trends! But what are the effects of technology trends on the fashion industry and business?

Even though it’s difficult to differentiate sole fashion advancement from technological influences, it’s clear that the fashion industry is being reshaped. From improved production to customer experience, fashion businesses are daily discovering paths to improvement. If you don’t want to miss out on those trends, check out these 6 technologies that will reshape fashion forever!

1. Innovative materials

To truly be part of the change, say goodbye to fast fashion and indulge in innovative materials that will truly set you apart from others. Besides being sustainable and eco-friendly, novel fabrics will help you create unique designs and customize your items according to demand. How do they work?

Innovative materials vary from lab-grown leather, over recycled plastics to 3D-printed outfits. While this sounds futuristic, some of the world-known brands are trying to implement these changes into their assortment. Experiment with different styles and discover which suits your brand the most. That will help you take a step in the technology-driven direction!

2. Internet of things

With the rise of e-commerce and mobile shopping, it may be difficult to stay up to date with real-life data and objects. That’s where the Internet of Things comes into the picture to help us stay connected virtually and in real life. IoT is a comprehensive invention that affects numerous industries, not just fashion. How is it used in fashion?

IoT makes connectivity and availability easier to track and follow. It’s a program that will help manufacturers and suppliers understand customers’ needs on a higher level. On top of that, it also provides customers with information regarding the products they like and the ability to track them down precisely.

3. Livestreaming

The expansion of online shopping opened many doors for fashion businesses, but it created additional competition as well. While the market is constantly growing, new means of engaging with customers and digital trends are quickly used up. Social media is one of the main ways to reach out to your target audience. Due to that, organizing live-streaming sales will help you attract and engage with buyers!

Did you know that the experts predict social media and live streaming will generate over 50% of the brand’s sales? Hop on that train before it’s too late! This means of utilizing technology helps you stay in touch with customers and create a close-knit community of trust.

4. Made to order clothing

Inventory management and storage shortage are slowly becoming one of the top issues in the textile industry. It doesn’t only affect the business in question, but the whole environment as well. With surplus stock and unsold pieces, clothing brands become cluttered with their own stock they can’t sell when the trends pass! So, instead of supporting fast fashion and its trends, implement new and original means of business.

One of the best ways to reduce stocks, save the planet, and increase delivery speed is to implement made to order principle. Made to order clothing reduce your carbon footprint and increase customization and sales of your brand. By implementing design software in your business, you will improve customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty.

5. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the hottest tech topic in the world right now. With chatbots and add-ins that can generate content and different types of information, technology is entering a new AI era. The fashion industry won’t be left out of this craze; therefore, AI plays a huge role in customer experience. How?

AI chatbots help your customers navigate through your website and shop more efficiently. Even though AI is only one of the ways you can improve online customer experience in your fashion business, it is certainly one of the most cost-effective. AI will help with recommendations, data collecting, and analysis which will bring enormous benefits to your brand.

6. Virtual and augmented reality

Artificial intelligence and technology go hand in hand with AR and VR. Since the fashion industry is mostly based on visual stimuli, having such a virtual experience implemented while online shopping surely makes the experience more enjoyable and shopping more accurate. What are the uses of AR and VR in the e-commerce and fashion industry?

Since the expansion of the fashion industry affected the way we shop, having aids that will show us how certain items would look on us improves the whole experience. Did you know that over 70% of customers shop from brands that have AR or VR implemented? It’s a tech trend and investment you shouldn’t neglect to boost your sales.

Final thoughts

Just like the fashion trends, technology trends change over time. However, these are only stepping stones toward the digital inventions that are about to come. Stay up to date with advancements and implement them in your strategy to increase your sales!  

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