Tips on how to be efficient working from home

Tips on how to be efficient working from home

For numerous contemporary professionals, the occasional privilege of working remotely from home is granted by our respective companies. However, the question remains: which environment truly fosters greater productivity—the home office or the traditional office setting? In the typical office setting, colleagues can often be the primary disruptors, hindering you from engaging in focused, tangible work. They may approach your desk, engage in conversations, or extend invitations for lunch. While the social advantages of a workplace are commendable, they can become problematic if you are susceptible to distractions.

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Focus on a single distraction

There’s a saying: “If you need something accomplished, approach someone who is already busy.” The paradoxical truth about productivity is that the more occupied you are, the greater your output. It’s reminiscent of Newton’s law of inertia: in motion, you stay in motion; at rest, you remain at rest. Busy individuals maintain a fast-paced momentum that propels them to efficiently tackle the tasks at hand. Regrettably, achieving that level of busyness at home proves challenging, as motivation can easily fluctuate

Music… why not?

Throughout the workweek, music serves as the backdrop to your professional journey, and the most effective playlists at the workplace are those that offer diversity. Choosing music that aligns with the energy of your current project enhances the overall experience. Video game soundtracks, specifically crafted for concentration within the game environment, prove to be excellent in this regard. It follows logically that this lyric-free music, designed to aid concentration in gaming, can similarly assist in maintaining focus on your work.

Use the washing machine as a stopwatch

You might be familiar with the idea of listening to two or three songs while showering to conserve water. This concept can also be applied to enhance focus while working from home. Rather than selecting three songs for your music playlist, consider running the laundry. Laundry serves as a natural timer for your home. Take advantage of this time to initiate and complete a task on your to-do list before attending to the laundry. Dedicate yourself to one task during the wash cycle and another during the dry cycle.

Take breaks

Getting distracted is a common challenge for remote workers who either avoid breaks entirely or find it easy to succumb to diversions. Overcome any guilt associated with working in the same place where you sleep, and take five minutes to unwind. Rather than simply turning to YouTube for relaxing videos, use your breaks to step away from your desk. Engage in activities like playing with your pet or spending time with others who share the same space with you.

Get a Head Start on Your Meals the Evening Prior

The allure of crafting a delightful breakfast and lunch for yourself is strong when you’re within the comfort of your home. Instead of investing precious minutes in preparing your meal on the workday itself, opt to cook it the night before. This proactive approach guarantees that during meal times, you can focus on eating without engaging in non-work tasks that consume additional energy at your desk.

Work on a more productive schedule

Nobody speeds through their tasks consistently from dawn to dusk; motivation tends to naturally fluctuate during the day. Working from home emphasizes the significance of recognizing these ebbs and flows, allowing you to strategically organize your schedule. Utilize the slower periods to tackle more manageable logistical tasks that are part of your workload. Referred to as “small acts of success” by Verily Magazine, these tasks can serve as stepping stones, building momentum for the more substantial projects that lie ahead.

CBD in everyday life

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