Things You Need to Know About AC Wallboxes

An AC wall car charger is a device that charges electric vehicles by plugging it into a wall outlet. In this article, we’ll discuss what an AC wallbox is, and the difference between DC and AC wallboxes.

What is an AC wallbox?

AC wallboxes allow drivers to charge electric vehicles (EVs), either at home, in workplaces, or public parking lots. Most AC wallbox chargers include connecting cables, adapters, and mounting brackets. You need to ensure the charger is compatible with the connector on the EV battery.

Difference Between DC and AC wallboxes

Unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, electric vehicles rely on an external power source for charging. That’s where the AC wallbox charger comes in handy. AC wall chargers work by converting electricity from a regular electrical outlet into a high-voltage current that can be used to charge an electric vehicle. They are easy to use, just plug the user’s EV into the charger.

The main difference between DC and AC wallboxes is that DC chargers produce direct current (DC) while AC chargers use alternating current (AC). They fit into almost any home or office. And since they are waterproof and shock resistant, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


If you’re looking for a high-quality car charger, the Gresgying AC wallbox is a great choice. Not only are these chargers safe and environmentally friendly to use, but they also tend to be faster than traditional chargers.

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