The Top 3 Light Sky Outdoor LED Par Lights

These days, outdoor stage lighting equipment is frequently employed for many different applications. This article covers all there is to know about LED par lights and lists the top 3 choices from Light Sky, a reputable supplier of outdoor stage lighting accessories. Let’s get going.

Outstanding Outdoor LED Par Lights From Light Sky

Light Sky is dedicated to studying, creating, and producing a variety of LED moving head lights as a seasoned stage lighting equipment supplier with over 30 years of expertise. Here are the top 3 outdoor LED par lights that Light Sky currently offers.


The PL1915 is a 19-piece, 15-watt RGBW outdoor LED par light. It is energy-efficient and environmentally beneficial. High-intensity, vibrant light sources can be pre-programmed with various color temperature effects and employed in a variety of settings. It contains a very useful one-button lighting capability that allows you to quickly and easily adjust lighting effects in various settings. Additionally, it incorporates the 16 Bit delicate dimming technology, which displays smooth and natural lighting. Additionally, the die-cast aluminum body of the PL1915 is portable and strong enough for outdoor use.


This type is a 7-piece, 15-watt outdoor LED par light with a compact form that is incredibly bright and works well in small spaces. This tiny monster can create an RGBW color scheme in 4 different ways. This lamp is suitable for any outdoor environment and weighs only 3.7kg thanks to its IP65 dust and water protection. Additionally, it was created using the long-lasting LED theory, which is just 30% weaker after 20000 hours of use.


In harsh situations, it is the finest choice. This is because PL1215 is a 12 piece, 15 watt LED par with anti-UV, anti-aging, and high temperature construction. Additionally, it contains an integrated color calibration system that can generate a variety of color combinations. You may have an outdoor LED par light that will last you a lifetime if you combine that with the IP66 rating. 7 to 55 degrees is the zoom angle.


Light Sky manufactures high-quality products and conducts R&D on them in its current facility, which is more than 15,000 square meters in size. More than 130 patents about cutting-edge lighting technology are now held by Light Sky. Light Sky is the company to choose if you want to get lighting equipment of the finest caliber from a dependable source.

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