The Pogo Pin Product From Pomagtor Applied To Semiconductor Equipment

The Pogo Pin Product From Pomagtor Applied To Semiconductor Equipment

This blog post discusses the application of pogo pin in semiconductor equipment . Pomagtor applied to semiconductor equipment will be able to produce spring loaded pin that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also have a lot of practical uses in the future.

How did Pomagtor come up with this idea?

The line of products includes signature pogo pins, loaded and bare board probes, battery interconnects, RF high frequency and high current test probes and semiconductor test products. Pomagtor continues to expand the limits of test technology with innovative probe designs that deliver higher quality, longer life, and better performance.

The Pomagtor pin product has been tested on several semiconductor equipment types, and has been shown to be more reliable and faster than traditional pins. In addition, the spring loaded design eliminates the need for constant adjustment, which can save time and improve accuracy.


Within high-performance sockets, the pogo pin has remained the contact method of choice for 90 percent of applications. Pomagtor high-performance pogo test pins can support the performance requirements of emerging test applications.

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