The Latest Women Footwear Trends to Dominate 2023

Are you looking forward to walking ramp every day? A great pair of footwear will do your trick. Sure, a sporty pair of shoes might help you accelerate your day-to-day chores, still a fabulous pair of sandals for women will boost your confidence. It is easier to walk tall and strong when you have put on designer sandals to complement your stylish outfits. Whether you choose a pair of designer sandals or high heels, the latest women footwear trends 2023 will feature a style for all occasions.

Unlike clothing fashion trends, footwear trends for women remain consistent for long. However, individual shoe trends and styles will shine within different categories. With the new year having kicked off freshly, you should aim at leveling up your 2023 shoe wardrobe. Some women footwear trends that are worth-noting for the upcoming year are flip flops, designer sandals, embellished pairs, plush heels, and so more. Let us more in detail.

 What are the Latest Footwear Trends for Women in 2023?

Still upgrading your fashion wardrobe and in need for some stylish outfit inspiration to rock your look? We have got you covered! Do not miss out our rundown on the latest trends for women footwear in 2023 tht you are going to love. Here are some of our best options:

Platform Heels

Whether you are short-statured or have an impressive height, you can be taller than most men around you with designer platform heels. Platforms tend to make anyone on top of the world. Look down upon others in these stylish shoes. It is recommended to take them for a practice run before you head out. Otherwise, you can end up hurting your ankle.

Thank leading brands for taking the trend of platform heels to new heights. You can consider pairing a classic platform with a glamorous bodycon dress to make up for the best spring trend 2023. Statement shoes from a leading brand are a perfect pair to complement a mini skirt as well.

Tiny Kitten Heels

For just a slight bump on your heels, you can try out the stylish range of kitten heels -quite similar to the concept of flat sandals for women. Kitten heels are one of the leading shoe trends we are experiencing with the advent of the new year.

For quite a long time, the women’s shoe market was filled with nothing less than 100mm. However, nowadays, we are observing a fashionable return to the subsiding heel heights -somewhere in the middle ground. The key to putting on this trend confidently is by not sacrificing fashion for the overall comfort.


Rhinestones, chains, studs, pearls, sequins, and even threadwork -these elements or stylish embellishments are widespread across the modern range of women’s sandals. Everyone has access to the standard boots and day-to-day formal sandals.

If you wish to bring about something new & trendy to your shoe closet, trying out sandals with attractive embellishments can be a great idea. A leading brand like Fizzy Goblet has an extensive collection of sandals with embellishments like attractive threadwork to make any outfit on the go.

Sandal Heels

If you are in search of something attractive that works well for different occasions and festivities, the latest trend of designer sandals or sandal heels is your best bet. These fancy, branded sandals are great for occasions wherein you need extra oomph to complement your otherwise simple outfit.

Sandal heels work efficiently towards accentuating your height while complementing different outfits stylishly. You can come across sandals for women having double-cushioning and flexible soles. You should sturdy and comfortable sandal heels to help you wear them for a longer period.

 Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals or heels will always serve as the ultimate summer and spring classics. As the new season sets in, it is high time to get yourself the much-needed pedicure session in advance. Strappy sandals for women with attractive colors and embellishments can uplift your mood any day.

The fancy, colorful straps on designer sandals for women appear attractive with any outfit. Moreover, with a sandal, you can get maximum grip on your feet to ensure top-notch comfort. Strappy sandals are great for women who prioritize comfort over high-street fashion. The strappy look offers the illusion of getting all wrapped up in style.

Braided Sandals

From the shoe aisle to your Instagram feed, this sandal trend for women’s footwear is getting popular rapidly. Leading shoe designers like Fizzy Goblet have embraced the trend by adopting the braided style for sandals. While you can come across unique flairs on the trend, there is a myriad of interesting braided styles for footwear to choose from. The classic braided styles sandals for women fit any spring or summer occasion perfectly. You can think of pairing them with a beach wear for your swim day to matching the same with the elegant ethnic dress.

Whether you prefer a slight heel or flats, there is assured to be a braided sandal style that you would like to include in your footwear lineup this year. As far as the colors are concerned, the neutrals are highly sought-after options to ensure maximum wear. At the same time, colors options for braided sandals for women will offer an easy way to infuse a sense of merriment and ample style to any outfit.


If you have more shoes in your wishlist than resolutions in 2023, you have come to the right place! Shoes have the ability to accentuate your entire outfit stylishly. The streets and runways of all seasons of 2023 are stomped on by different types of footwear for women. From mega-high heels to braided sandals for women, embellishments, and so more, the latest women’s footwear trends 2023 will be all about immense variety.


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