The Advantages Of Implantable PEEK Compared With Other Materials

PEEK is used in implantable medical devices such as heart valves and vascular grafts, as well as in a wide range of other applications. This article provides a detailed overview of the advantages of using implantable PEEK compared with other materials

PEEK, also known as polyether ether ketone, is a thermoplastic material. Implantable PEEK is such a popular choice for medical devices is that it is biocompatible and resistant to many chemicals and temperatures. Additionally, PEEK can be sterilized using standard procedures, making it a preferred material for medical devices that are meant to be implanted into patients.

Implantable PEEK is a polymer that has many advantages over other materials when it comes to implantable medical devices. Here are four reasons why PEEK is a popular choice:

  1. Durability: Implantable PEEK is extremely durable, which means that it can withstand high pressures and temperatures. This makes PEEK a great choice for devices that need to be implanted deep into the body, such as coronary stents or pacemakers.
  2. Toxicity: Implantable PEEK is nontoxic, which means that it doesn’t carry the same risks as other materials when it comes to infection or adverse side effects. This makes PEEK a desirable choice for medical devices that need to be implanted inside the body for long periods.
  3. Moisture resistance: implantable PEEK is highly resistant to moisture and corrosion, which makes it ideal for devices that need to remain inside the body for extended periods. This includes heart valves and prosthetic limbs, among others.
  4. Low-cost Manufacturing: One of the biggest benefits of using implantable PEEK in medical devices is its low cost compared with other materials options. This makes it possible to develop more affordable implants that still meet high standards of durability and performance.

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