Tennis Betting Strategies: Examples of Win-Win Methods

Tennis Betting Strategies: Examples of Win-Win Methods

In order for the live betting strategy to work in big tennis games, you need to choose the match correctly in bookmakers Opponents must differ in skill level. But don’t choose meetings with the participation of a non-name against, for example, Novak Djokovic. Look for a matchup where a solid middle man plays against a trophy contender. The average player is able to win 3-5 games in which he will serve against the leader. We don’t care if he wins or loses during the match. Only the games where he serves are important.

Profit from the strategy of betting on tennis can be obtained only if the odds are higher than 1.60 in live, and by combining it with Catching up when losing a bet. Double the size of the bet after losing the bet. For example, bet 100 hryvnias that a tennis player will win the game on his serve. If this does not happen, then bet 200 hryvnias on his next submission. If the player wins, you return to the original amount.

When using the live betting strategy in tennis, it is important to stop a few games before the end of the game. This will save the bank from draining.

Table tennis betting rules and features

Betting ping pong is less popular than tennis. But this is good, because there are fewer experts who follow the competitions and understand the nuances of this sport. Therefore, there is less competition.

When choosing a live or prematch tennis betting strategy, keep in mind that international ping-pong competitions are most often won by athletes from Asia. Tennis players from China win trophies at the most prestigious tournaments. Regional competitions are also held in Ukraine, where there are favorites. Domestic bookmakers also accept bets on them.

If you are not well versed in ping pong and do not know which table tennis betting strategy is right for you, start studying the ratings of athletes, face-to-face meetings of opponents and the results of recent games. To gain an advantage over bookmakers, consider the main features of ping pong:

Due to the high dynamics of the game, it is profitable to decide a live tennis betting strategy. The odds in live mode change a lot. A gap of 5 points in the game does not give the player any advantage. Such a handicap can be played in less than 1 minute. It is important to be able to quickly decide what to bet on in order to catch a high coefficient.

In table tennis, one athlete makes only two serves in a row. This factor in ping-pong practically does not affect the course of the match. That is why in table tennis, the strategy of betting in live on games served by the player is practically not used. The style of play is more significant here.

In various tournaments, games consist of 5, 7 or 9 games. The game lasts until 3, 4 or 5 wins respectively. This is significant to know if you want to bet on handicap or total.

Examples of popular tennis bets

We will show you some simple examples of how to bet on tennis matches.

Victory in the match

Match Bosancic vs. Balta. BC offers to bet on P1 or P2. The coefficient on P1 is 2.99, and on P2 – 1.36. If you bet 500 hryvnias on P2, if Balta wins, you will receive a profit of 680 hryvnias.


Betting on the victory of one of the tennis players with a handicap of -3.5 in games, the bettor wins if the athlete takes at least 4 games in total. Betting on a tennis player with a handicap of +3.5 in games, the bettor will receive a profit if he loses no more than 3 games.

total games

The match between tennis players Latsko and Halebian ended with the score 2: 6 and 3: 6. You add the number of games played, and you get a total of 17. In this case, the bet on TM (18.5) will win, and on TB (18.5) you will lose.

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Accurate score

Let’s take the example of the above match, where two sets were played, both of which were won by Halebian 6:2 and 6:3. The final result of the sets is 2:0. The bet is settled if the bettor bets on Halebian winning with a score of 2:0.

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