The Ultimate Diagnostic Tool

Streamline Your Vehicle Maintenance with Autophix OBD Scanners: The Ultimate Diagnostic Tool

Autophix, a leading OBD manufacturer, has established its name in the automotive industry by producing high-quality diagnostic tools and equipment. The company’s main products include the Universal Code Reader, Wireless Bluetooth Scanner, Professional Diagnostic Tool, Battery Tester, and Jump Starter.


The Universal Code Reader from Autophix OBD manufacturer  is a highly versatile device that supports a wide range of vehicle models. It can read and clear trouble codes from the engine control unit (ECU), transmission control unit (TCU), anti-lock braking system (ABS), and airbag control unit (ACU). This makes it an essential tool for mechanics and car owners looking to diagnose and troubleshoot issues with their vehicles.

The Wireless Bluetooth Scanner from Autophix is another popular product. It connects wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet and provides real-time diagnostic data on the vehicle’s performance. Its compact size and portability make it ideal for on-the-go diagnosis and repair.

For those who require more specialized diagnostic tools, Autophix offers a range of professional-grade devices designed for specific vehicle models. These devices provide in-depth diagnostics and are used by automotive technicians and dealerships worldwide.

In addition to diagnostic tools, Autophix also produces other essential automotive equipment such as battery testers and jump starters. These products are designed to help car owners maintain and optimize their vehicles’ performance.


Overall, Autophix’s reputation as a leading OBD manufacturer is well-deserved. Their commitment to creating high-quality products and providing exceptional customer service has earned them the trust of mechanics, car owners, and businesses worldwide.

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