Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System: Unmatched Two-Wheeler Security

Since 1993, Steelmate has been a pioneer in the automotive electronics industry, introducing China’s first one-way motorcycle alarm system. Specializing in cutting-edge motorcycle security solutions, Steel Mate has gained widespread trust for providing unmatched protection against theft and security threats. With a remarkable track record of over 12 million sets sold, their Motorcycle Alarm System remains the ultimate choice for safeguarding two-wheelers.

Advanced Technology for Superior Protection

The Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System boasts advanced technology and precision sensors designed to shield motorcycles from potential security breaches. With quick alerts for impacts, unauthorized movement, and engine starts, riders gain peace of mind and an enhanced sense of security. Steelmate’s commitment to excellence has made their Motorcycle Alarm System a preferred choice among motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

A Legacy of Trust and Innovation

Having introduced the first one-way motorcycle alarm system in China, Steelmate has continuously set new standards in automotive electronics. With a focus on customer satisfaction, their Motorcycle Alarm System has earned the trust of millions of riders. Selling over 12 million sets speaks volumes about Steelmate’s commitment to providing reliable motorcycle security.


Steelmate’s Motorcycle Alarm System is an unrivaled choice for safeguarding two-wheelers. With their pioneering legacy and advanced technology, Steel Mate remains a trusted provider of cutting-edge security solutions. Whether you’re a passionate motorcycle rider or a business seeking top-tier security products, embrace the unmatched protection of Steelmate’s Motorcycle Alarm System and ride with confidence, knowing you are backed by the best in the industry

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