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Smart Home Security: Reasons to Install Vivint Alarm Systems

Vivint Alarm or Security System is the epitome of modern home security with all its technological integration and fancy user interface.

Known for its flawless installation, Vivint is giving tough competition to its longest-standing rival, ADT. It has cemented its position as the industry leader despite its relatively late inception in 1999.

Unpacking Vivint Alarm Systems

A study by the Department of Justice in 2017 revealed that around half a million burglaries in the U.S. happen during the daytime, especially between 10 AM and 3 PM. This number doesn’t include over a million or so burglaries that happen in the dead of night.

Despite these alarming statistics, only under 25% of homeowners have bothered with a home security system, while the remaining 75% either DIY their way out of security issues or don’t bother at all.

Reasons to Install Vivint Alarm Systems

A simple Google search on burglaries, home invasions, and robberies should be enough to help you decide in favor of a smart home security system. However, for a push in the right direction, here’s why you should consider Vivint Alarm Systems as your top choice.

Custom-Built Home Security

Vivint understands that your home is the reflection of your life and priorities. Hence, no two homes have the same security concerns. Of course, the security standards are the same for all, but when it comes to individual fears and preferences, you need someone like Vivint to have your back.

Their team of pros and trained specialists inspect your house for external and internal threats before making their suggestions. They work on providing you with the ultimate security tailored to your unique needs and past experiences.

Protects Your Packages

Around 16% of Americans have fallen prey to unexpected package theft. Most of them had never imagined their package being carried off their porch by a stranger as they considered their neighborhood “safe.” However, no matter how safe your neighborhood may seem, you should never discount situational uncertainty.

Vivint Security Systems includes a Doorbell Camera Pro with a 180×180-degree field view. The camera is circled by a red ring designed to flash to scare off intruders. The Camera Pro design is further made dangerous by the addition of a 60 DB speaker, blaring loud and clear upon detecting stragglers and curious lurkers.

Vivint Motion Sensors

Vivint eliminates all chances of a security breach by providing an extra layer of protection with its highly sensitive sensors. These sensors are installed on all entry points, windows, and ventilation to help you safeguard your asset to a maximum capacity.

When you are not home, Vivint Motion Sensors report any unusual activity around your house to its 24/7 available monitoring team. You will also get a warning on your phone, cautioning you about a possible home invasion. Paired with Vivint Glass Break Detectors, these sensors are every intruder’s worst nightmare.

Vivint Security Sensors are also integrated with your house’s heating system and are equipped to control the temperature to better meet your body’s needs.

Vivint Alarm for Structural Safety

Vivint Alarm Systems are not singular in their threat elimination. They are designed to take care of internal threats like fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, floods, and all other structural disasters.

The Smoke and CO Combo Detector will make sure to connect you with Vivit’s monitoring team, which will then take the necessary action to diffuse the situation.

Note that the detectors are connected to your smart home security, so they can shut down the HVAC system using the Smart Hub to control smoke or even speed up the HVAC in case of a carbon monoxide leak. Additionally, they run on batteries, so you are responsible for changing batteries and saving yourself from a disaster.

Vivint Home Security also accounts for water damage using Water Sensor. These sensors can warn you about water leakage and even stop pipes from bursting by reducing pressure and increasing the temperature.

Services, Monitoring, & Repairs

Unlike DIY home security systems that demand your constant attention, Vivint Alarm Systems are hassle-free and are set up by a team of professionals.

These licensed Smart Home Installation Pros are trained to work around your schedule, hear your concerns and attend to your medical needs.

After the installation, they will give you a quick crash course on how to operate the system, and even if you don’t understand everything, you can use Vivint’s 24/7 helpline to seek immediate assistance.

The system is a mesh of multiple alarms, sensors, and detectors, but you don’t need a separate remote for everything despite the convoluted network. You can control your smart home from your phone with a couple of swipes and touches. Additionally, Vivint Smart Hub is designed to make decisions for you in case of an emergency.

In case of repairs, you can expect the Vivint maintenance team at your doorstep within 24 hours after filing the complaint.

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Vivint Alarm System is the ultimate alternative for all half-baked DIY home security systems. It is detailed and cohesive in its design and is made to facilitate all kinds of lifestyles and living situations.

The team at Vivint follows the age-old sentiment of “prevention is better than cure” and has made it impossible for unwelcome guests to step foot on your porch.

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