SmallRig: The Perfect Companion for Travel Photography with a Portable COB Light and Travel Tripod

SmallRig is a brand that understands the needs of travel photographers and videographers. With their range of innovative products, they provide the ideal solutions for capturing stunning visuals on the go. Whether it’s a compact travel tripod or a portable COB light, SmallRig has you covered, ensuring that you can achieve professional results while traveling.

SmallRig Travel Tripod: Lightweight and Sturdy

SmallRig’s travel tripod is designed with the needs of travel photographers in mind. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry while maintaining excellent stability. The tripod’s compact size allows for effortless transportation, fitting perfectly into your travel gear. With adjustable legs and a reliable ball head, it offers versatility and precise positioning, enabling you to capture the perfect shot in any location.

Portable COB Light: Illuminating Your Travel Adventures

SmallRig’s portable COB light is a game-changer for travel videographers and photographers. This compact lighting solution provides exceptional brightness and color accuracy, ensuring that your subjects are perfectly lit in any situation. The COB LED technology delivers powerful yet energy-efficient lighting, making it ideal for extended shooting sessions. Its lightweight design and adjustable brightness allow for effortless customization, adapting to various shooting conditions and creative requirements.


SmallRig understands the challenges faced by travel photographers and videographers and has developed a range of products to address these needs. The SmallRig travel tripod and portable COB light are essential tools for capturing professional-quality visuals while on the move. With their lightweight and compact designs, they offer convenience without compromising stability or lighting quality. SmallRig empowers creatives to explore their artistic vision during their travels, ensuring that every shot is a masterpiece.

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