Setting the Stage Aglow: Light Sky’s Super Scope Max Spotlight

Light Sky introduces the Super Scope Max, an innovative moving head spot LED that aims to redefine the realm of stage lighting. Through its impressive 1200W LED light source, state-of-the-art optical system, and adaptable features, this luminaire expands the horizons of artistic expression and delivers an enthralling experience.

Comprehensive Functionality

The Super Scope Max is a true multi-functional powerhouse. It combines four essential lighting functions – BEAM, WASH, SPOT, and PROFILE – in a single unit. This versatility empowers lighting designers to unleash their creativity and transform any performance space. From narrow and focused beams to broad and immersive washes, the Super Scope Max offers endless possibilities for crafting captivating lighting designs.

Intelligent Design

Light Sky has thoughtfully designed the Super Scope Max with intelligent features to enhance the user experience. Its noise-canceling design ensures quiet operation, allowing the spotlight to seamlessly blend into the performance environment without distractions. The 2.8-inch resistive color touch screen provides intuitive control and easy navigation of the luminaire’s settings, streamlining the programming process and enabling effortless customization.

Comprehensive Control Options

Light Sky understands the importance of control and compatibility in modern lighting setups. The Super Scope Max supports multiple control protocols, including DMX 512, RDM, and ARTNET, ensuring seamless integration into existing lighting systems. With flexible DMX and RDM connectors, users can easily connect and control the luminaire, while the LCD liquid crystal display provides clear and concise feedback for convenient monitoring and adjustment.


Light Sky’s Super Scope Max is a game-changer in the world of moving head spot LED luminaires. With its powerful LED light source, advanced optics, and comprehensive functionality, this luminaire empowers lighting designers to create mesmerizing and immersive experiences. From theaters to concerts and televised events, the Super Scope Max stands ready to transform any stage into a breathtaking spectacle of light. Get ready to unleash brilliance with Light Sky’s Super Scope Max!

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