How to Set Up a Valheim Dedicated Server

Now that Valheim Mistlands has been released, you can play with your friends on a Valheim-dedicated server.  In the months following its release, Valheim kept breaking concurrent player records. 

You can play together with others on your own Valheim dedicated server, which is clear to see why it’s so popular. You can purchase top bare metal dedicated server hosting india low-cost services with managed linux/windows system. There are dedicated servers with DDOS protection offered by DedicatedCore and DomainRacer

Valheim dedicated server: what is it

Valheim does not have an official multiplayer server. The game sets up a temporary server on the host player’s PC or console when you play Valheim in ordinary multiplayer.

But, this has some flaws:

  • It can only be run when the host is logged into the server
  • Each time the host starts the server, they must re-invite their friends
  • Simultaneous operation of the server and the game can impact performance

Dedicated servers can help in this situation. You can buy dedicated servers from DedicatedCore and DomainRacer. Your own dedicated Valheim server can be set up on any machine you choose. 

There are several advantages to this. One machine can host the server and another one can play, resulting in a split workload and better performance. Purchase unlimited bandwidth kvm usa vps server hosting with managed provider at lowest cost.

Each session will not need you to re-invite your friends, and they can join in even if you aren’t playing Valheim yourself. You won’t have to worry about the clock ticking away while no one is online since the clock is paused while no one is playing.

Requirements for Valheim dedicated servers

A Valheim dedicated server’s system requirements depend on the map you will host, and the preset you will use. Due to the sheer number of players and different graphics on each map, the system memory required varies from map to map.

You will need a dual-core CPU and 4 GB of RAM to host your own Valheim dedicated server. An ideal four-core server with 8 GB of RAM would be the best option if you want better performance. You can try DedicatedCore.

The more cores you have, but, does not translate into better performance. If possible, you should have a few cores with higher clock speeds rather than many smaller ones. A system with two 5GHz cores would be better than one with six 2GHz cores when multiplayer is involved.

Valheim dedicated server setup

The setup of a dedicated server for Valheim has the only downside of being somewhat complicated in the beginning. You don’t have to worry about that because DedicatedCore is here to help! Get a dedicated Valheim server by following these easy steps.

  • Download and install Valheim Dedicated Server

On the PC where you wish to host the server, download and install the Valheim Dedicated Server tool on Steam. Every Valheim Steam owner will also be able to access the Valheim Dedicated Server tool. Best dedicated server hosting provider offers managed faster NVME SSD disk for India data center at low cost plans. You can find it by searching in your library for “Valheim”.

  • “start_headless_server” needs to be edited

Upon installing the Valheim Dedicated Server tool, select “Manage -> Browse Local Files” from the Steam Library. Among the files, you’ll find “start_headless_server”. Open up the original file in Notepad, then make a backup of it somewhere safe on your computer.

Replace the quotes after “valheim_server” with the following text:

  • -name: Give your server a name
  • -world: Give your world a name. Enter the name of the world you are using if it is an existing world
  • -password: You must enter a unique password distinct from the server and world names.

Once the file has been saved, exit it.

  • Prepare your host machine by copying the existing world files (Optional) 

For Valheim Worlds to become dedicated servers, the world files need to live on the PC hosting the server. You can skip this step if you host and play on the same machine.

Enter “%userprofile%/appdata/locallow/irongate/valheim” (without quotes) in Windows Explorer.

On the machine where you’re hosting your world, copy all its files and paste them into the world’s folder.

  • Locate your IP address

Hit “Start+R”, type “cmd”, and press Enter to find your IP address. Hit Enter after typing “ipconfig” in the window that appears.

Here are two IP addresses you should note:

  • The default gateway is “” or “” for most people
  • Addresses for IPv4

Players who wish to join your server from outside your local network must also know your external IP address. Use the address it prints for you when you use What Is My IP Address.

  • Make ports available to friends outside the house

Your dedicated server must first undergo two extra steps to be accessible to players outside your home:

  • In your router account, set up port forwarding for ports 2456-2458
  • Check your firewall to see if ports 2456-2458 are allowed

A browser window must contain the Default Gateway IP Address to enable Port Forwarding. Pressing Enter will bring up the router tool. Configure port forwarding for TCP port 2456 and UDP port 2458 on your router. You can find instructions online to port forward your router based on your network type with DomainRacer.

  • Verify that your firewall allows the ports

Once those ports are allowed to pass through your firewall, the next step is to open those ports. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • When you press Start+R, type wf.msc to access your Firewall Advanced Settings.
  • Create a new rule by right-clicking “Inbound Rules”.
  • The local ports are 2456-2458. Click “Port”, then “TCP”, then type 2456-2458 for the specific ports. Click Finish to grant access after ticking all the boxes, naming the rule, and naming the policy.
  • Reset the rule using UDP rather than TCP once the rule has been created.
  • It’s time to run the server!

Now you can use the Valheim Dedicated Server tool. Upon connecting to the game server, a message will appear in the console that states “Game Server Connected”. You and your friends can join the server now!


You can control who can access a dedicated gaming server as well as change the game according to your preferences when you run one. Moreover, setting up a Valheim Dedicated Server isn’t hard if you follow our guide and choose a reputable hosting company. 

A dedicated server is an excellent choice if you decide to host your game server, as it offers exceptional security and performance. DedicatedCore and DomainRacer have dedicated servers. They offer customizable dedicated servers with DDOS protection.

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