Sahand Vafaei and artificial intelligence in Utter Vision

Sahand Vafaei and artificial intelligence in Utter Vision

Sahand Vafaei has mentioned the launch of a new artificial intelligence in the Utter Vision startup. Sahand is an Iranian entrepreneur living in Canada. This Iranian entrepreneur started his own startup after immigrating to Canada. In the first few months of immigrating, Sahand was engaged in programming in one of the prominent Canadian companies until after a short period of time he launched the Utter Vision startup.

Use of artificial intelligence

There are many opinions when it comes to the possibilities and potential risks of artificial intelligence (AI), learning and reasoning by machines without human intervention. Only time will tell which of these quotes is closer to our future reality. Until we get there, it’s interesting to wonder who might best predict our reality.

One of these people is Sahand Vafaei, who realized the high potential of artificial intelligence to expand his startup. After realizing the benefits of artificial intelligence, Sahand provided the exclusive ability to calculate the percentage of success in obtaining a visa based on artificial intelligence.

Who is Sahand Vafaei?

Sahand Vafaei is a successful Iranian programmer and entrepreneur in Canada. Vafaei has coded many successful programs in Iran and Canada for large companies. Among the Iranian companies where Sahand Vafaei worked, we can mention Afrasoft. Afrasoft is a successful Iranian programming company that cooperates with the best Iranian programmers. Many programs and games made by Afrasoft have been published in the Cafe Bazaar and Google Play.

Sahand Vafaei startup

Utter Vision is the first startup launched by Sahand Vafaei. This startup is a platform to provide visa services for immigration companies. Utter Vision allows international immigration consultants and visa applicants to access detailed information on visa issuance. Also, the Utter Vision startup performs the visa application process for international immigration consultants and visa applicants independently. One of the most common services of this startup is issuing electronic visas. But now this startup has taken a big step forward. Artificial intelligence in this startup has increased its capabilities.

Artificial  intelligence in Utter Vision

A short time after launching his own startup, Sahand Vafaei thought of expanding it with the help of today’s technologies. One of the new features that Sahand has added to Utter Vision is artificial intelligence. Utter Vision’s artificial intelligence is able to calculate the chances of success in obtaining a visa based on the uploaded information and documents. This feature is of great help to immigration companies to be more successful in obtaining visas for their clients. Thanks to Utter Vision’s new feature, travel companies can quickly find out about the chances of getting a visa for their customers.

Sahand Vafaei understood the capabilities of artificial intelligence 2 years ago. For this reason, he thought of a specialized tool in the field of immigration. At the beginning of 2023, a new Utter Vision tool based on artificial intelligence was launched. This tool calculates the applicant’s chances of success before submitting the documents to the embassy. Simply put, this artificial intelligence tells you how much chance you have of getting a visa.

Processing immigration applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied in the field of immigration in various ways. AI algorithms can be used to process and analyze immigration applications, including visa applications, work authorization requests, and other immigration-related documentation. This can help streamline the application process, reduce processing times, and improve accuracy in decision-making.

AI can help analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and trends in immigration flows, including migration patterns, types of visas requested, and countries of origin. This can assist policymakers in making informed decisions on immigration policy.

Development of artificial intelligence

Sahand has a wide insight into the applications of artificial intelligence in his startup. Perhaps, in the future, it will see the addition of the ability to chat with the user. This feature can help the user to successfully obtain a visa. A very professional immigration consultant who can answer all users’ questions. For many users, using this feature is exciting. Artificial intelligence can provide operational solutions to improve the user’s privileges to obtain a visa. With this information, immigration companies can complete their clients’ documents with higher quality and significantly increase the chances of getting a visa.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in immigration provides countless benefits to both immigration authorities and applicants in streamlining the process and improving accuracy in decision-making. However, it is crucial to ensure that the use of artificial intelligence in immigration is carried out responsibly, ethically and with respect for individuals’ privacy rights.

The goals of Sahand Vafaei

Sahand Vafaei seeks to turn Utter Vision into an information center for immigration companies. Sahand announced in a seminar that he wants to publish new immigration information in 9 living languages of the world. This information is of great help to immigration companies around the world. Obtaining first-hand information about the conditions of immigration to countries was one of the basic needs of immigration companies, which did not have a specific reference until today. If Sahand Vafaei achieves its goals in the new year, Utter Vision will become a great source for immigration news and information in the world. Access to information can give immigration companies better insight into demand in different countries.

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