Revolutionizing Fuel Transfer: TOUKOO Pump’s Battery-Powered Innovation

Introducing TOUKOO Pump’s battery powered fuel transfer pump, a game-changer in the fuel industry. With a flexible intake hose designed to fit most irregular gas cans, this portable and efficient pump is poised to transform the way we transfer fuel. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of this innovative product.

Convenient and Portable

Thanks to its battery-powered design, TOUKOO Pump‘s fuel transfer pump provides unparalleled convenience and portability. No longer bound by electrical outlets or cumbersome cords, users can easily transfer fuel anywhere and at any time.

Versatile and Flexible

One of the standout features of TOUKOO Pump’s fuel transfer pump is its flexible intake hose. This innovative design allows the pump to adapt to irregularly shaped gas cans, ensuring efficient fuel extraction with minimal hassle.

Extended Reach

TOUKOO Pump understands that different fuel transfer scenarios require versatile solutions. That’s why the pump is equipped with a 23.5-inch suction tube that can easily access fuel from various containers.

Multi-Liquid Compatibility

TOUKOO Pump’s battery-powered fuel transfer pump is not limited to gasoline alone. It boasts compatibility with a variety of liquids, including diesel, kerosene, light oils, non-potable water, urea, and more. This versatility makes the pump a valuable tool in various industries, from automotive and construction to agriculture and emergency management. With this pump, users can effortlessly transfer different liquids, expanding its utility beyond fuel alone.


TOUKOO Pump’s battery-powered fuel transfer pump is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Embrace the future of fuel handling and unlock the benefits of TOUKOO Pump’s battery-powered fuel transfer pump today.

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