Regular high-quality office cleaning is necessary for any business.

An office is not just a workspace where your company’s employees gather to perform their duties. Today, the office also serves as a company’s showcase, a place that should leave a positive impression on clients or potential partners. It should always be extremely clean, tidy, stylish, without cluttering the interior with extraneous elements, crowding, or, moreover, the presence of dirt and dust. In the past, many did not understand this, not paying enough attention to the workspace, but nowadays, such a procedure as professional office cleaning has become literally mandatory for any serious entrepreneur.

Not long ago, cleaning offices and premises was usually done either by existing staff or by hired cleaners who came to perform their duties in the morning, evening, or during the workday. Today, the approach to this process has completely changed – more and more businesses trust professional cleaning companies’ employees to maintain order in the office space. This decision allows achieving much greater cleaning efficiency, and the costs in the end turn out to be much lower than maintaining your own cleaner.

Regular office cleaning: how often should it be done?

As the question itself suggests, regularity implies a certain frequency of cleaning, rather than just surface cleaning once a quarter. Professional cleaning companies in Barrington, Illinois, suggest assessing the need for cleaning a certain frequency based on the following factors:

  • The number of people working in the space. If the office is designed for a large number of people, then cleanings should be done more frequently, up to every working day. This also applies to the number of visitors and clients – the more people, the more often cleanings should be done, as the rate of dirt accumulation will increase.
  • The amount of furniture and computer equipment. It is known that computers and furniture, especially soft ones, are real dust magnets. If the office uses a lot of equipment, especially with active cooling systems, sofas, chairs, soft chairs – it’s advisable to clean here more often.
  • The depth of the cleaning performed. If we are talking about a general cleaning, it is recommended to do it once a month. If we are talking about smaller tasks: dusting, taking out trash, cleaning windowsills, etc. – it’s good to do these actions daily.

The people working in the space and their level of tidiness also play an important role. You need to carefully assess the situation in the office to find the optimal frequency for ordering cleaning.

Regular office cleaning: what’s included?

Office cleaning services include a different set of options depending on whether this cleaning is daily, weekly, or monthly general. Typically, the following typical actions are mandatory:

  1. Dusting furniture, tables, office equipment, lights, electrical appliances.
  2. Vacuuming the floor, soft furniture, textile elements in the room.
  3. Cleaning trash bins and containers by cleaning staff, changing trash bags.
  4. If there is a kitchen area in the office, cleaning is also carried out there, degreasing surfaces.
  5. It is obligatory to maintain cleanliness in the bathrooms: washing floors, sinks, toilets, cleaning tiles. There is a replenishment of consumables: soap, toilet paper, paper towels, air fresheners, etc.

Other actions may depend on the specific cleaning process and the conditions present at the site.

What’s included in a general office cleaning?

Don’t forget, office cleaning is done by experienced cleaning company staff who can quickly bring any space to an ideal state. If you’re ordering a professional general office cleaning, you’ll receive a full range of services to bring the facility to an ideal condition! General cleaning typically includes the following procedures:

  • Floor washing, as well as walls and ceiling cleaning, clearing all surfaces of dust and any type of dirt.
  • Quality furniture washing, both on the outer and inner sides, for complete removal of accumulated dirt.
  • Washing all tiled surfaces in the room, cleaning both hard and soft surfaces: floors, carpets, stairs and landings, rugs, etc.
  • Cleaning specialists pay special attention to handling equipment and electrical appliances. Proper cleaning of lighting fixtures, especially chandeliers and fixtures, is essential.

If there is a restroom in the office, a full cleaning is carried out, washing all elements, replenishing supplies, wiping mirrors, taking out trash, and various other tasks. Additionally, a general office cleaning is necessary when moving offices; in this case, it’s referred to as a move out cleaning.

Office cleaning after renovation

Special attention needs to be paid to cleaning after renovation in office spaces. In this case, cleaning offices with the company’s own means and its employees’ hands is the least effective option, as it will involve dealing with serious dirt and a large amount of heavy work. It’s optimal to turn to a cleaning company whose specialists know how to quickly clean your office even from the aftermath of significant renovation.

What kind of work is usually required in this case? Here are the main ones:

  1. Cleaning up any remaining debris, remnants of construction mixtures, plaster stains, spackling, paint, which require considerable effort to clean.
  2. Cleaning floors with specially effective compositions, as during renovations, floors bear the brunt of contamination.
  3. Cleaning rug, furniture, textiles from remaining dirt or grease stains, massive dust accumulation.
  4. Cleaning smooth surfaces, including windows, window frames, as well as mirrors, requiring special treatment.

It’s also advisable to carry out disinfection after cleaning to ensure the premises are fully prepared for active use after renovation.

In some cases, cleaning staff may also need to deal with removing old furniture and various structures.

Emergency office cleaning: what is it and when is it necessary?

Emergency cleaning can be crucial for an office, required either before a regular workday to prepare the premises for employees’ normal work or before important meetings, client receptions, or business partner meetings. Emergency cleanings are needed when maintaining order in the premises has been ignored for a long time, the company hasn’t used professional cleaning services, or when it’s necessary to correct the consequences of some extraordinary event, such as fire, flooding, etc. The benefits of professional emergency office cleaning are always tangible and manifest in the ability to quickly tidy up the premises without disrupting the workflow. For this purpose, it can be:

  • Evening office cleaning: the classic option, where cleaning company workers come after the end of the employees’ workday to tidy up the premises.
  • Morning office cleaning: you can hire cleaning company assistance before the start of the workday so that your employees arrive in a freshly cleaned environment and enjoy a great atmosphere throughout the day.

Emergency cleaning can even be carried out in the middle of the night if there’s a genuine reason, and you reach out to a company providing 24/7 cleaning services.

Upholstered furniture and carpet cleaning

Special attention should be given to upholstered furniture and soft carpet coverings cleaning, as these materials are particularly difficult to clean from stubborn dirt. Even a spilled drink or a piece of greasy food can cause an unpleasant stain on a sofa, which requires serious work using professional chemistry.

Professional cleaners will spend 1-3 hours to bring all soft surfaces in your office to perfect condition.

These days, office cleaning often includes disinfection as well. This is due to recent events surrounding the coronavirus and the anti-epidemic measures taken worldwide.

Not long ago, having fun clean-ups with your staff might have seemed like a great idea, but today, the best way to quickly tidy up is to use professional office and facility cleaning services. This option not only provides excellent results quickly but also saves on purchasing a multitude of tools and technologies.

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