Reasons Why Occupational Therapy Travel Jobs Are Booming

Reasons Why Occupational Therapy Travel Jobs Are Booming

A lot of people think about changing their careers. But the fear of the unknown can hold them back. OTs and PTs working on travel assignments typically work through healthcare staffing agencies. It allows them to manage their assignments and pay while receiving housing, mileage, living stipend, and more benefits.


Many travel OTs seek jobs in areas that offer opportunities for them to use telehealth services. This virtual communication can make it easier for patients to receive therapy and connect with their therapists. It also reduces the time a patient must spend traveling to and from a clinic, leading to higher productivity and more excellent quality of care. Occupational therapy telehealth allows patients to collaborate with their therapists remotely during public health emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic. OTS must embrace this technology and provide their patients the support they need to utilize virtual therapy effectively.

The best telehealth platforms allow OTs to add this service without complicated integration or extensive software training. For example, HIPAA Video’s simple interface works on any device and operating system and integrates easily with existing practice management tools and EMR/EHR systems. It can reduce the need for in-person front desk staff, reduce overhead costs, and provide OTs more flexibility. The surge in demand for travel occupational therapists is an excellent chance for therapists to advance in their careers, regardless of experience level. With short contract lengths and various destinations, finding the perfect position for you is easy. If you’re ready to explore your options, browse the many travel occupational therapy jobs and contact a trusted recruitment agency to get started!

Short-Term Assignments

OTs who work travel jobs complete short-term contracts at medical facilities nationwide. They gain experience in various healthcare settings, exposing them to new diagnoses, age groups, and treatment approaches. They also learn about different documentation systems and facility culture. As a result, they often become more marketable in their careers. Many OTs who work travel jobs enjoy the flexibility offered by temporary assignments. They can choose locations that match their interests and lifestyles. For instance, if they don’t like the weather in Texas, they can easily find a contract in Florida or up north. The perks of working as a travel OT also include higher pay than permanent positions.

In addition, traveling therapists can take advantage of opportunities to expand their professional skills and network abroad. Many staffing agencies offer internships and mentorships to help aspiring OTs get started in the industry. While pursuing an international career as a travel OT is possible, this can be more challenging than following a permanent position. Licensing requirements and timelines vary from state to state, which can be expensive and time-consuming. As a result, it’s essential to explore travel OT jobs within your scope of practice and budget.

Increased Demand for Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapy professionals work with individuals of all ages to help them recover from injuries, illnesses, and accidents. They can focus their career on a particular form of care, like pediatrics or geriatrics. As a result, the demand for these healthcare professionals has increased over the years.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts occupational therapist employment will grow 24% between 2016 and 2026. Part of the reason for this spike in demand is the aging baby boomer population, which will need occupational therapy services as they get closer to retirement. Better medical technology and treatments enable people to survive more complex health issues, meaning occupational therapists (OTs) are needed to help patients learn how to perform everyday tasks. It is another reason.

Travel therapists often help fill staffing shortages at facilities struggling to meet patient demand. Their work is very similar to the duties of permanent OTs, but it’s more flexible. Since they’re temporary, once they complete their contracts at a particular facility, they can move on to another location and begin a new assignment. If you’re a recent graduate and looking for a way to start your career, consider a travel OT position. Some agencies may prefer to pair experienced OTs with facilities that need extra help, but most are willing to provide opportunities for new graduates.

Global Health and Development

OTs can help address many of the challenges facing global health. They work in various settings, including hospitals, home health, schools, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. They also help people gain or regain functional skills that affect their daily lives. It plays a critical role in a world where people face several issues, including poverty and hunger, disease, conflict, and lack of access to education. Taking a travel occupational therapy position allows therapists to experience new cultures and environments while working in a healthcare setting they enjoy. They also can take time off between assignments to pursue other interests. In addition, travel therapists receive higher pay rates than those in traditional jobs and may receive bonus packages, relocation assistance, and other incentives.

A career as a traveling OT requires specific qualifications, including a baccalaureate degree and a license to practice in the state in which they are licensed to work. Additionally, a person who chooses to travel must be adaptable and willing to learn from the experiences of their patients and colleagues. However, despite the positives, this career has its disadvantages. For example, when moving to a different location, establishing roots and building personal relationships can be hard. Moreover, if an assignment is not up to par, it can be challenging to find another one.

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