Price Control. Efficient price monitoring solution

Price Control. Efficient price monitoring solution

The Price Control service has been specializing in solving a key task for businesses for 7 years – monitoring prices on the Internet.

The main credo of Price Control specialists and the main advantage of the service is the high quality of the services provided, as evidenced by customer reviews.

Price Control provides services to both brands and online stores. The service solves the problem of the client in a complex.

An online store can use not only the competitor price monitoring service, but also form its own pricing. A manufacturer/supplier, acquiring a set of RRP monitoring services, will see a positive result in a month of work, without making their own efforts.

Another advantage of the Price Control service is the solution of the problem in the final form.

What services does the Price Control price monitoring and control service provide and what are its other advantages?

Price Control recommends searching for all brand sellers

To achieve an effective MAP monitoring result, Price Control proposes to first find all online retailers that sell the manufacturer’s brand.

Price Control. Efficient price monitoring solution

An automatic search for the presence of a trademark on the Internet on all online trading platforms will allow the manufacturer to make the right choice of sites for monitoring the MAP.

How does Price Control monitor prices?

Each business segment has different monitoring goals. Price monitoring on the Internet is one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses that can solve several problems.

  1. Competitors Monitoring prices. Without up-to-date price information on the market, no online store or supplier will be able to establish a competitive price for their product. With an extensive database, Price Control covers a wide range of industries and products. The service tracks prices for a variety of categories of goods and services, ranging from electronics and industrial goods to food. This allows companies to compare their prices with those of competitors, identify price gaps, and strategically position their offerings to capture more market share.
  2. Monitoring of online stores. Daily automated monitoring of the RRP will allow manufacturers and distributors to track violators of the company’s commercial policy, parallel imports, and fakes. This will provide an opportunity to make an informed decision regarding violators.

The Price Control service has developed its own price monitoring program with flexible settings. This allows you to increase the number of parameters for data collection and create exclusive analytical reports.

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, Price Control provides companies with the tools and information they need to make informed pricing decisions, outperform competitors, and achieve long-term success.

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