Play The Best Ludo Online At Hobigames: Tips To Follow

Ludo Online Game is a classic Indian board game that may accommodate between two and four players. Each player rolls dice to determine how quickly the game can be completed. The game that the vast majority of individuals had played as children. The game was entertaining and captivating, even though they won no money.

Because, as adults, we play games to win a wager and keep the winnings. Despite their simplicity, participants have a greater disadvantage because of how the regulations are set up.

Here at Hobigames, we will provide numerous tips to help you win the game.

What does the game of Ludo entail?

The board for the game Ludo.

Colors red, yellow, green, and blue mark the four corners of a square Ludo board. Each player chooses a color in this game and gets four tokens in that color to use. The board game known as Ludo Game is square and shaped like a cross. It has arms that are grouped into three square columns, with six different slots in each column.

The middle columns are comprised of five distinct colored squares, and each square represents a player’s home column. Here is the starting square, which is colored uniquely for each player. Then, in the center of the square board is a large colored square composed of the colored triangles at the top of each player’s home column. In addition, they exhibit arrows pointing in the direction of the conclusion.

 The Rules Of The Game Ludo

Only two, three, or four individuals can play Ludo without assistance from spectators or other interested persons. The starting square is readied for play by placing each player’s four tokens on it at the beginning of the game. The beginning square is positioned in each player’s corner of the playing grounds. The players will take turns racing clockwise along the track around the board. A player’s column does not correspond to the way. Every participant competes against the other contestants to be the first to reach their finish square.

When one of the players’ tokens reaches the square beneath their home column, that player moves the other tokens until they are all in the final court. The amount of steps each player takes is determined by the dice roll. The remaining players may continue playing to see if any second, third, or fourth positions are vacant. The Ludo Game regulations must be adhered to precisely for the game to be fun and a winner to be determined.

Rules For The Ludo Game

Each participant then rolls a die to determine who has the most excellent score and therefore gets to begin the game. The remaining players were selected to participate as the second, third, or fourth players. Before being able to move a token to the starting square, a player must first roll a die and acquire six points. Players who roll a six on the dice are permitted to remove one token from their home. It occurs whenever a player rolls a die. Unless the house is empty, the number six counts as one of the other numbers, and the individual may proceed.

Participants will move their tokens up or down based on the value rolled on a die. If a player possesses one or more permits not in their home squares, they must continue to move their chosen token along the courts at the same rate as the value of the die in their possession. You can either force the other player to return the pass to their home by rolling a certain number of dice and playing a token that occupies their space, or you can capture the token by rolling a certain number of dice and playing a token that occupies their space and prevents them from winning the game.

You cannot win the game if you capture the token. When two passes land in the same spot during a player’s turn, “a block” is deemed built. It denotes that any player who lands on the block will be captured or sent back to their starting position, depending on the game’s rules. On their home squares, players are protected from attack by their opponents. Before you can begin playing again, you must roll a die until it lands on a six before you can skip ahead. The player who will win the game is the one who places all four of their tokens within the triangles. The others may continue to play so that you may locate succeeding locations. As a result of the squares and the rules, the game is more enjoyable to play.

Strategy To Win A Game Of Ludo

  • If you enjoy playing board games, Ludo Game is a fantastic option. When players are prepared with multiple strategies, they have a greater chance of winning.
  • The initial strategy is to eliminate all currency pieces from the board by removing each one from the home base where it was set.
  • You will have a more significant chance of progressing even with a low dice total. Consequently, it would help if you prioritized promptly putting your cash to use.
  • In addition, spreading your money throughout the board offers you an overview of what you must do to win the game, assuming no other player is nearby.
  • By employing this technique, you can prevent your opponents from gaining entry to their homes and ultimately winning the game. In addition, you can apply an offensive strategy known as “the rule of seven” to eliminate the coin held by your opponent.
  • This allows you to launch an assault anytime there is a chance for you to retreat to a safer distance.
  • Blocking your opponent is yet another possible tactic. Consequently, you’ll be in a position to mislead your opponent and cause them to arrive late to their homes, as your people will come first.
  • To play it conservatively, attempt to capture their pieces while preserving a seven-move advantage over your opponent.
  • In conclusion, patience is necessary. Knowing how your opponent plays the game and placing your money in protected locations, such as star-shaped zones, are essential. All these factors put you in a position to succeed, so long as you keep a clear view of your competitors.


To win a Ludo Game, you must roll a die with the most incredible possible value, six. If you’re lucky, you’ll win. Even though the vast majority of Ludo Game games are played for enjoyment and not money, the fact that the winner receives a prize makes the game more exciting. Ludo Game is the superior option if you enjoy playing games with dice.

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