Nutritional Benefits of eating Ikura 

Nutritional Benefits of eating Ikura 

If you love Japanese cuisine then you are might familiar with the taste and name of the red caviar or Ikura. Yes, I am talking about that reddish, juicy, and softest topping of sushi that your mom made for you.

Ikura is used in Japanese foods for many years. It enhances the overall taste and texture of the food item. Its intense peachy orange glowy texture is mostly used by the chefs as the topping or garnishing of any Japanese dish. It makes the dishes look-alike healthier and presentable.

Japanese are long been enjoying the taste of red caviar or Ikura along with other food items but now many people around the world enjoy Ikura and might familiar with its taste because it is mostly used served as a Sushi topping along with pickles and rise.

Besides its usage, taste, and texture Ikura has high nutritional values making it tastier. If you are interested to know more about Ikura’s nutritional values then you are in for the treat. In this article, I will mention the nutritional benefits of eating Ikura. So why waste time let’s start with it.

Great source of protein 

As you know that protein is the basic element that our body needs, so salmon roe eggs contain 5 to 6 grams of protein which is quite sufficient to fulfill the daily need for protein if we are on diet. The Ikura had enough amount of protein which is the basic element of all living cells, many functioning of our body is depended on the proteins such as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies, that are necessary to the functioning of an organism.

Contains Omega 3 fatty acids

Eating Ikura means your body is attained Omega 3 fatty acid (lpha-linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, and docosahexaenoic. It is good for your heart health, important for brain development, maintains the health of your eyes, and also it makes you look thinner. So, if you love to eat Ikura that means you can live a long life.

Contains vitamin D

Ikura has a nutritional factor of vitamin D which means it is good for your overall health as vitamin D manages the calcium level in the blood, which is required for stronger bones and muscles.

Contains Vitamins B12

As you know that vitamin b12 is the dietary supplement that is available in Ikura as you know that it is essential to produce red blood cells and the formation of DNA. Besides this, the Ikura contains vitamin C and E also contains folate, thiamine, and selenium.

Final words

In short, it is the perfect blend of all nutrients that we are needed for healthy eating. It’s the best combination of vitamins and nutrients which makes our mind sharp. Many people used artificial methods to create such nutritional combination, which is rarely produced with 100% accuracy but eating real salmon eggs, or Ikura has its nutritional values and benefits.

Besides its nutritional factors it tasted heavenly. You can’t forget its delightful, salty, and juicy taste for a long time.

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