My experience of laser hair removal at the newest clinic in Leicester!

Hey, girlies! My name is Jess, and I’m here to share my experience of laser hair removal. The good, the bad, and the hair-free! As a 20-something year old I have had my fair share of

embarrassing horror stories. Unwanted facial hair, unexpected growth, over-bleached hair and over-plucked eyebrows! There is nothing more infuriating than when your ‘shaving’ days don’t fall in line with plans. I remember spending time in the shower, finding out I missed a spot and going over with a dry shaver – cuts, bruises and pain! But that is all a thing of the past! My hair is fine and coarse depending upon the part of my body. Like most women, I have tried it all from shaving, waxing, plucking and bleaching. However, my desire to become hair-free intensified. That is why, I decided to take the plunge and book myself for a full leg laser hair removal in Leicester treatment. What exactly is laser hair removal treatment? Laser hair removal machines destroy the hair follicles with waves of energy resulting in reduced hair growth and silky, smooth skin – can I get a heck yes!

How did I choose a specialist clinic for laser hair removal in Leicester?

After countless hours of research I knew I wanted to find a trustedclinic that was competitively priced, highly experienced and within an accessible location. I came across ND Skin Aesthetics and it had taken my interest at first glance. It was love at first sight! It came to my knowledge that they had the latest state-of-the-art laser hair removal machine in Leicester. And, it’s not just any laser hair removal machine – It’s the Soprano Titanium. Virtually-pain free with its patented cooling technology. This means, I would not need to experience strong zaps of heated pain! (And to be honest, admittingly I am a little bit of a wuss and have a really low pain threshold). It is a win-win! I want to give you a first-hand account of what to expect. Although I did my research, I was still initially nervous. As soon as I arrived at the clinic for my patch test I was greeted by a welcoming and friendly receptionist. The clinician answered all my questions and

explained the process, putting all my worries and concerns at ease. The stunning interior was fresh, trendy and totally ‘instagram-worthy’!

My first laser hair removal session

I was hyped up and ready for my first session. I was told to shave the night before and avoid any other form of hair removal. This is because it is important for the hair root to be intact. The clinician provided a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where I felt relaxed and at ease. I ensured I wore the laser protection goggles she provided. She firstly used a white pencil to grid the area to be treated. This is to target the precise area of the hair follicles. A cool clear gel was then applied to allow the laser applicator to glide smoothly across my skin. After the targeted areas were prepped the machine was optimised according to my skin tone and hair type. And then it was time to laser away! It really is virtually painless, efficient and quick. After having only 3 sessions I can already see a difference in the dramatic reduction in hair growth. The hairs are growing back much lighter, softer and finer. My overall experience has been amazing. No more unwanted body hair, lesser irritation, smooth skin, reduced pigmentation and reduced ingrown hair. I am absolutely thrilled by the level of professionalism and care provided by ND Skin Aesthetics. Laser hair removal definitely has my seal of approval and I can’t wait to continue my journey.

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